Intro - Hi, I'm Jason from Chandler, Arizona

Hi Jason, welcome. Good you’ve moved from riffs (that are an excellent exercise) to being able to play full songs. Have fun.

Welcome Jason! :slight_smile:

Hey Jason!

Glad to “see” a fellow Arizonian in the Community! I live in Tucson and have learning guitar for about 4 years now, I’m 62. I’ve been a Justin member for about that long , but in the last couple of years I’ve gotten more serious about applying myself and really digging into what Justin has to offer. If I ever get up to PHX I’ll reach out before hand and see if we can’t meet up swap a few riffs and licks!

That sounds great! Thanks for writing and let me know. I’m currently on beginner grade 3/mod 15 so that would be fantastic!

Thank you Boris

Thank you Doble!

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Hello Jason.
Welcome to JustinGuitar and this fantastic community. Please take your time to look around and get to know the wider space.

We are a supportive and encouraging group of students and guitarists from across the world. Essentially, we are all here for music and to improve as players. We truly are a ‘community’. Members help and support one another and a friendly, positive attitude underpins this. We hope that all - young or old, experienced or new players - adopt and foster the pay-it-forward ethos that Justin personifies and embedded all those years ago when he started the website and forum.

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Hello Jason, Jason, Chris and other lucky people living in Arizona @jastramm @ontime1969 @Delzona

My wife and I are going to visit friends who live in Chandler, we will also visit Tucson.
I would like to find a guitar strap specific from Arizona, that is, with the Arizona flag, or the Grand Canyon “logo”, or whatever that people recognize from Arizona.
Could you suggest me stores in your area where I could find this?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Cyril,
I can’t say with 100% certainty, but you should give Zimm’s Guitars in Mesa a shot. close to Chandler depending on where you are in Chandler.

If I go in soon I’ll ask for you as well.

There is this one on eBay

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I don’t recall ever seeing an Arizona style guitar strap in either the Guitar Center or Rainbow guitars both here in Tucson. I haven’t been in Chicago Music store in a while so there’s slim chance they might have something. I picked up “Mexican blanket” style strap from Fender a couple of years ago just because it had that Southwest look it, but that’s the closest I’ve even see to Arizona types.

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Thank you Jason and Chris,
It would be cheaper to buy it directly from the buckle-down website and have it delivered in the US (22+6=28$),

I would prefer being able to see it, but I keep it in mind.

The shop Zimm’s Guitars is not far, we should be able to get there.
We are coming in September so no need to rush in the stores.
We will also visit Page and Prescott. Maybe Page has more tourists items?
Thanks again for your help.

I have a bro who is a full on LARPer for Western stuff, gun and cowboy style shooting events, all leather gun slinging, historic outfits all the stuff custom leather built. He used to go during off season western shows and the whole old Tucson thing. So, I sent him a message asking. He said he had a number of items made at this guys over the years very well made and rugged. All this stuff is for real, guns belts, shotgun and rifle scabbards, Saddles, saddle bags, bull riding gear and other rodeo stuff. He also doesn’t know if they do guitar straps, but they have Custom orders. I looked at the website and the stuff is a mix between working man and very nice. Unfortunately I did not see any guitar straps. I was a little bummed but it does not mean he doesnt have patterns for them, so I would call and see what he says. Here is their information.

Cochise Leather Company LLC

PO Box 906
Concho, AZ 85924
Phone: 520-269-2542
Phone Orders: 520-269-2542

My bro also told me send you to all the small shops in the town of Tombstone. Since they have reenactment of the OK corral events everyday there are tourist and there are a ton of active ranches in the area, there are bunch of active leather workers there with in walking distance of main street. I took the liberty to do a local search. Here is the info I Found. I don’t think any of them had web sites. Maybe one did. I think the first.

Geno D’Ambrose Custom Saddles
401 E Allen St,
Tombstone, AZ 85638
(520) 405-0025

Poncho Vega’s Guns and Cowboy Leather
302 E Fremont St,
Tombstone, AZ 85638
(520) 457-2410

401 E Allen St,
Tombstone, AZ 85638
(520) 210-1120

One of them looks like a guy who may or may not show up and open the front door. I dont know if you have ever been to Tombstone Arizona. Its cool. A bit of a Tourist type place now and the best spots to look at are off of the “mian street”, lots of history. If you are there stop at Boot Hill cemetery it’s really wild.

Just remember all these old timers down in that part of AZ are an interesting bunch and they are working in the ranching and gun industry. Very good folks, but everyone is a tourist. Also I know this sounds crazy but. I have seen some really nice “SW style” full leather straps on sweetwater and on dome site called Franklin’s straps.

But yeah, I totally get wanting to grab something while down here in our copper state. Put your hands on it. Feel how it it’s. That’s important. Arizona is a great place but its rugged, and thinking about what you want early and setting stuff up is the way to do it especially if it’s something unique.

I found this place right here in Tucson on my own little search. Not much info, but he does make guitar straps, it does not look very fancy and the ones on sweetwater looked “fancier”, probobly made in china. You should call, you never know he might not know anything about websites and just could make you something amazing.

Other cool Southern Arizona things. One of the really cool thing that you will find a lot is leather gauntlets. You will probobly see a fare amount of examples on all of these sites. There is a lot of history behind them in the area for utilitarian reasons. Also the last few weeks I have been watching some of the old cowboy and campfire guitar videos. A lot of the performers have them on and they look cool. It might be a decent fill in if you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for on this trip or a matching addition. As a matter of fact, when I was a kid, the dudes from The German metal band the scorpions got some kind of Guantlet s made while there were here. I remembered that while looking at rhem of these sites. They were more metal than

Read about the Apache Warrior Cochise and his last stand at Cochise stronghold. There have been movies made about it. My family has been camping and rock climbing there for years. Really cool local area. Becarful if you are brave there is a state park, amazing trails, tons of granite but no water. Also check out Geronimo, another Apache warrior and leader from here. Lots of mining and old ghost towns. Lots to explore. Sorry a bit off topic from straps sorry.

Hope this help some


Hello Jason & Welcome!!!

In response to Jason’s post just above mine… I can recommend the stuff from Cochise Leather… I’m into riding Harleys along with my wife & there are several guys who ride into our local Harley dealer for event wearing their chaps. Some of the nicest ones are from Cochise Leathers in AZ… beautiful work & not crazy expensive. Also, some of the other accessories that bikers use can be ordered from them - vests, gaiters, fringed handgrip covers - everything looks “quality”.

Also, I like the look of some of the guitar straps from Levy’s Leathers. They have a Southwestern line that may interest you… I think they’re made in the US but not positive about that…

Good luck & have fun in AZ!!!


EDIT - Just looked up Levy’s Leathers - the company is now owned (since 2018) by the parent company that owns Gator (cases, stands, etc.) & the straps are still being hand-made in Nova Scotia Canada.


Thank you very much for your complete answer with so much research.

I found that Franklin strap is near Nashville, and we can find their products in “Guitar Center” shops, there are 5 in Phoenix and 2 in Tucson. We should be able to visit at least one of them.

We have seen Cochise head from Chiricahua NM, but I never heard about Cochise stronghold. I will look at this and Tombstone for another trip.

Thank you again for your help.


Thank you Tod, I guess the southwestern line you are referring to is the one that they call Sundance Series?
Unfortunately their products are not sold in the “Guitar Center”, but I took the address of stores in Flagstaff, Phoenix and Tucson.

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