Introducing myself Greg from Portland Or

Hello community members. I am new to this community so I wanted to say Hi and introduce myself. I am currently 66, have played off and on for about 10 years but a few years ago it’s been a full time obsession. I play pretty much every single day/eve.
As most of you have probably experienced this same thing. Justin is AMAZING!!!
I tend to focus more on the Blues or Rockabilly stuff, both electric and acoustic.
I am finally jamming with someone and actually going to join this workshop called Bandmakers. However if there’s anyone in the Portland Or area that would like to get together…:wink:
Look forward to chatting with you all
Have a beautiful and peaceful day


Hi Greg,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

Welcome to the forum Greg

Hello Greg & welcome to the Community!!!

I’m happy that you are so obviously enjoying your Guitar Journey & Justin’s teaching style! This is a pretty cool place to exchange ideas & ask questions! Lots of Positive Energy around!!!
Good luck with the workshop & your jamming!


BTW - I was listening to random rockabilly on Pandora a while back and stumbled upon Conway Twitty singing “Lonely Blue Boy”… I never knew that when he started out, his style was very similar to Elvis’s early music! Give it a listen!

Thanks for that reference. He has a funky sound there. My jam buddy sort of turned me on to listen to some of these older songs like from Carl Perkins, Elvis (early) and others. Of course I really enjoy Brian Setzer (Stray Cats) - Plus it’s just 12 bars blues suff so I can lay a backing tack with looper and play on top of it. Thanks for the song

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Thanks Sir - I look forward to chatting with folks here

Hi Greg and welcome to the community! I know you saw that I am from Portland as well in my post. I am curious about the Bandmakers workshop. I haven’t heard of that before. Is it local?

I think you will enjoy yourself in the community :guitar:

I messed up on my reply :wink:
Here’s the link -
Thought I would give it a try as I want to expand my playing with others. It’s a bit of a drive from OC to Hillsboro but…
Do you jam or play with anyone? - any interest there?

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Welcome aboard, Greg! :slight_smile:

You’re enthusiasm and enjoyment of playing guitar clearly reads through every line of your intro - great and happy for you! You’re in good company here. :smiley:

Wish you loads of fun on the journey and hope you find some other people to jam and play with.

Cheers - Lisa

Thanks Lisa. Such nice words!’
However there are days… you wonder what the heck am I doing/-). But music is such a beautiful thing. Thank you


I’ve never heard of that before! Thanks for sharing. Looks pretty interesting… I had no idea that existed!

Right now I mostly just play with my husband who is a drummer. I’ve done some virtual “jams” with a couple other people using Jamkazam, but never done any local in person stuff. We are definitely open to finding some other people to play with at some point.

I use to play drums as well…funny thing, I played drums then when my daughter was 11 she came to me and wanted to learn guitar. So we both took lessons, she just took off with it and became very good…I still played drums for a while, now I play guitar all the time and she plays drums all the time. Well, if interested I would be willing to give it a go. I just hooked up with a guy up by Mt. Tabor - it’s a great learning experience.
Im not very good really. I can play some blues stuff and strum along cords and things…working on solos stuff. But playing with someone helps so much

Let me know if interested
If so and you want to meet up for a beer or something to chat, that’s would be great.
Thanks for your reply too

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Welcome, Greg. Alas, I am in northern Michigan so I fear we will just have to wave at each other across the plain states! :rofl:

Hi Greg,

Welcome to the community glad you stopped by to say high and wish you good luck on your Jamming and workshop. :+1:


Good to meet you Greg, welcome!

Hi Greg,
Nice to meet you. Sounds like your having fun with your guitar learning journey. Good luck finding another collab/group.
Best wishes,

Hello Greg and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

Glad to read that you now can’t seem to put the guitar down.

Hi Greg
Nice to meet you :slight_smile: Welcome to the Community

I love your enthusiasm! :heart_eyes: Very inspiring
Have a beautiful and peaceful day too! :sunflower:

Hello Greg, welcome to the community. Glad you found your passion in music and found a good place to develop your skills. Have fun learning blues, blues-rock and rock-a-billy.

Hi Greg, welcome. Good you’re very motivated for developing your guitar skills. I have a 50s songbook, but the only song I can play so far is Elvis’ Don’t Be Cruel and that one still needs some more work. Have fun.