Irish Pub Song The Resurrection

Making my way through my old forum posts, to see if anything will add value to the new Community. Now I know this is buried in my recent catalogue post here but I just played it again and it just made me smile, Great memories but a great forum collab as well. I’ve been in contact with Roman, Leo and Mike (via Leo) and they will be joining us soon, as will Kevin.

But how could I leave this to be forgotten once the old forum is shut for ever. Anyway its a great party song and suitable for this time of year if it weren’t for Covid !! Enjoy :sunglasses:

Irish Pub Song
Well here’s a truly international project that should get you stamping your feet and dancing a jig on the tables. This is a cover of an Irish/Celtic folkish/punkish/rockish little number by The Rumjacks, who are a bunch of Australian Irish rockers and its a Russian/Franglais cover to complete the global colaboration.

Line up for this one is :

Toby - Vocals and rhythm guitar
Leo - Backing vocals, Synth (Irish Tin Whistle, Accordion, Banjo)
Mike - Guitar solo
The Leoettes - female backing vocals.
Roman - Drums, Bass, Overall production and mixing

Its been a real blast to take part in and in my opinion Roman’s done a cracking job with the production, especially given the real muddy guitar tracks I sent him but couldn’t retake as I mashed up the tip of my left/fretting index finger 9 days ago!!

Anyway, crack open some beers and tune up the volume.


Toby - On behalf of the Schlaffenwagen crew


This has put a big smile on my face.
Nicely done Madman!

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I think rollicking is the right word Toby. I remember listening to this years ago when looking at your recordings on SC as I am sure this was first released before I joined the party.

November 22, 2016, 04:33:08 pm
Yes it was a while ago, I just had a look at the SC play count which it still creeping upwards albeit slowly these days. Man that was a great gig, even if it was that slow build of exchanging recording files bit by bit. It was the way that process grew into this, I remember watching the inbox for the next instalment from those involved. ! :sunglasses:

In two minds about bumping the Ascension Day video, as it was my debut singing track. But each time I’ve bumped it, I get a slap from Roman as his production skills are way better these day. :rofl:

I started JG BC Dec 16th, 2016 and joined the Forum, posting the first of the 5 posts, Mar 22nd, 2017. So just missed that on first publication.

I remember listening to that one as well. Pretty good as I recall!

Might just go for it. It could get buried over here before Roman logs in ! :wink:

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That’s awesome Toby I don’t recall hearing the track previously so glad you resurrected it! Love the whole collab and it’s outcome, bloody brilliant!

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I remember it well…and definitely worth revisiting. Great song and production.

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These are the gems we are going to miss in the new house. But again who goes back to listen.
At least it shows the new folk what The Community is about and what we have been up to for so many years. If you have some corkers in you playlist, get the shovel out ! What harm can it do :sunglasses:

Bleedin’ Cockneys apin’ effin’ Aussies, takin’ the Mick out of us poor Paddies.
I’m calling the Cancel Culture Club an’ they’re gonna flag you so bad you won’t be ridin’ that hog til Hogmanay! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rofl:

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Mr Larsen, I can assure you serious questions were asked in the house at the time and I questioned Roman’s sanity ! “So, let’s get this straight ! You not only want me to sing again but in an Irish accent as well ? Have you heard of John McEnroe? You know if was Watford not Waterford !!!” Anyway Leo and his lady friends had better accents than I !! But you wave those flags as much as you like laddo. The hog will be garaged until March I suspect. Curse and be damned, away with you. :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

My Irish ire is soothed-
not by your cursed damnation, but rather by our new abode’s almighty algorithms.
Your little heart triggered simultaneous ‘appreciated’ and ‘Thank you’ badges.
Póg mo thóin :kissing_heart:

I am sure I sang something along those line :rofl:

Sláinte :tropical_drink:

“Failte, Slainte, Pog ma thon” but that was written by antipodeans and I did look it up at the time. But I’ll not oblige sir thank you. Perchance is that where thongs came from ? :kiss: :llama: couldn’t find a donkey-cross.
Anymore badges ?

Rockin’ good time. Dug it!

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Toby and et al, that was excellent. A real foot stomper. Great playing and I loved the lyrics.

Pogue Mahonia :kissing_heart:

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A rollicking tune guaranteed to put smiles on faces. Loved the whistle, by the way.

Slaintѐ is taintѐ! :beers:

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Hello everyone, I’m here.
Toby, thank you so much for this excursion to the past!
It’s nice to remember that period of general fun and inspiration.
Everyone has a pint of Guinness/Harp and a shot of Jameson! And let our glasses be not made of plastic )))

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You made it, great to see you. Yep as you can see some old toons are being dragged over, to get this place buzzing and show the new members just what the old forum was about and that its all going to carry on with just a new house and a new label.

Welcome to The Community !

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