Iron Maiden - Aces High

Hi guys,

Band is taking a short break over Christmas and New Year, so I (finally) found time to record a new instrumental cover. This time I tried my hands at some old-school rock/metal… the mighty “Aces High” by Iron Maiden.
Phew… had to work hard to learn and perform this one :wink: Hope you’ll like it!



Well, Kasper not a minute in and my first thought was you are definitely a tone master. Still less than a minute in and your technique and execution are just unbelievable. Okay. 2:14: I’m ready to sell my guitars!! Man, this is just top stuff. I can’t imagine playing this to record it, but to play it live you must sweat bullets. Just a great performance and demonstration of what can be achieved, given the time, dedication, practice, on and on.

WOW! Kasper, this is incredible! Outstanding playing, fabulous tone and great production.
Thanks for sharing it!

Jeez Kasper, how on earth do you manage to learn something like that in the time you’ve had? It’s mind boggling, just so accurate and precise plus the tones, recording and production are just spot on!
Kudos to you, I am in awe!

A-mazing as always, I can’t offer any critique, it would be like a 4 years old telling a rockstar how to play guitar :grin: from my end I can only say time to play it over again. Thanks Kasper!

Kasper you telling me your 157 songs on the bands list have no Maiden ??? Shame on you. Eddie would not be pleased :disappointed_relieved:


Snake Eyes are watching you !

Enough frivolity that was epic. Now stop playing ABBA !!

What do we want ?
More Maiden !!
When do we want it ?
Now !

Seriously, great share. I might just have a wee sing a long :sunglasses:

For helvede… det er fantastisk!
Gode ​​vibes min ven :metal: :sunglasses: :metal:

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I’ve seen them do this live and this totally does the song justice. Awesome cover, loved it. While it gives me something to aspire to, it also shows how fast I still have to go

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Outstanding, Kasper. You did a great job on this, guitar harmonies and everything!

“Run…live to fly…fly to live…do or die…” :slight_smile:

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What more can I say, as always my ears and recollection of the song, mean it sounds identical to the original to me. But I am not at all surprised by that.

(Close your ears, @TheMadman_tobyjenner) I’m not hugely into Iron Maiden but you’ve picked one of my favourites, so loved the listen, just fills me with energy.

Please forgive a minor hijack, Kasper :pleading_face:

I know the feeling (others may hear this and feel the same). I came back from an afternoon with a guy who is in the same league (I played chords for whiskey in the jar and he sounded like he was a member of Thin Lizzy playing all the solos) and have to remind myself firstly of the years and years, hours and hours of effort and sacrifice to achieve that play-grade, and secondly it is OK if I never get beyond cowboy chord strum a dum dum round the firepit (you, Dave, are already beyond that).

Well there Kasper,
Though to come up with words on this one. Rocks, play is great and tone junkies will smile! Nice job all around and a great production too.

Keep up the rock’n ways and a happy New Year to you,

Kasper, stellar play and what a recording to end the year with. Magniifcent. :sunglasses:

Thanks for taking a listen and for the nice comments!

I should clarify that I did not both learn and record this in the time between xmas and now. I started looking into the song beginning of December and practiced parts of it on and off when time permitted. I just tightened it all up, learned the harmonies and did the recording these last few days.

Toby: We don’t have any Maiden songs in the set. Musically it would actually fit quite well, we have lots of rock songs… but vocals are tough. Very high pitched, very signature sounding etc etc.

Hi Kasper. I’m only a year in so i don’t really have enough experience to comment on the technical aspects of that but it sounded awesome. Great sounding guitar and really well played. Nice to hear a bit of Iron maiden. Thanks for sharing it :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Hey Kasper I can fully under stand that, as Bruce not only sings mainly in quite high keys but he’s often deep into his mixed voice and right on the break. If and when I get into my Maiden to do list, you can rest assured I will not be treading into that particular hornets nest, I’ll leave that to Mr D.
But boy that was a great rendition sir. You should be proud but no doubt you’ve already analysed and picked out the bit you are not happy with, as usual. Just keep the coming Mr F as it always brightens the day up.



Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. Certain Priest songs are like that, too.

Sounded good to me. Great tones and production.

So who on the forum is gonna sing it?

Keep em coming!

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You are the man, man! Nailed the nuts out of that one. Crushing it too.


I have no idea how long you’ve been playing, but this sounds really really good.
This was actually the song that made me become an Iron Maiden fan. Absolutely love it!

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Fantastic guitar work!, I really love this song from the iron maiden, and this whole album, once upon a time, with our cover band, we also played it. An excellent choice, with great pleasure I would have listened to something else similar in your performance.


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