Is Classic guitar anything to consider?

Do anyone of you forum members have an opinion on classic guitars?

Are they fun to play?

Is it worth have a classical guitar in supplement to steel string?

Depends what sorts of music you play and if any require a classical guitar. I don’t listen to much of classical music and probably wouldn’t bother buying one but got one off my brother who is not using it anymore :smiley:

Hi Adrien.
If i aquire a classical guitar i would still play the same style as i do on a steel string.
I just like the sound of them. And looks for that matter.
Thought struck my mind if its benefitial in any ways on playing on both guitars. I have no idea.

Nylon strings require less strength to push strings on so no benefit in your calluses getting more strength. Sound of nylon strings vs steel is a personal choice, playability is not that much different so it’s really up to your personal preference :slight_smile: No such thing as too many guitars :smiley:

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This is the best reason to buy one…go go …gas gas :joy:

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Like your take on it @roger_holland @adi_mrok

Im not worry about calluses on nylon if i went down that road. I would still play plenty on my steel strings to keep them up…

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I have been playing a nylon string electric. It is an LTD. eSP TL-6N. I really enjoy it, but I do want to play classical.

There are a few people, can’t remember, but someone pretty well known who plays a lot of non-classical on a nylon string guitar. They are easier in a number of ways and harder in others.

Mine has a 48 mm nut so is in the “Crossover” category. It also sounds fine as a nylon electric, but really isn’t on par with any classical nylon. It was reasonably priced used and is quieter for nighttime practice.

I think you would like it. They have a lovely feel, and have a nice warm and softer tone.

I would venture that strumming is the biggest difference. Just feels different. That, and stringing and tuning them is a completely different beast.

When I allow myself to buy another and nicer instrument ( currently building a telecaster for my 5th guitar🤦🏼‍♂️) it will probably be a pretty nice classical like a Cordoba C9 or that level anyway. But I can only play my steel string on weekends to avoid keeping the kid awake, so until what I play is more like music, I will hold off.

Pick one up and get your finger picking on!

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Why not get one. It will increase your tonal palette, its great for finger style, and there’s no limit on the style of music you can play. If Willie Nelson can play country, blues and jazz on Trigger so could you (maybe not the best choice for Metal).
Trigger (guitar) - Wikipedia


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Thanks Joshua. A lot of nice info. Apart from the sound i like from them it is the low mellow sound they give. So i dont bother the other i live with. My wife is not superhappy at times :rofl:.

I am pretty sure its possible to play «normal» on a classical guitar as well…

It is possible to play ‘normal’ on the classical. You can trawl back on our very own @brianlarsen’s YouTube channel. He began thumb strumming on a classical.

The ideas shared by @Jamolay may be worth your while to explore for tonal variety but playability being similar to your steel strings.

My wife has a classical and I struggle to play it, with it’s different neck width and radius. Of course that is like any other guitar challenge … solve it with practice, practice, practice.

But based on what you play and liking the tone, not necessarily wanting to learn to play classical pieces, perhaps those options Joshua shared are GAS starters.

Then it could become fun to be able to record strumming on a steel string and finger-picking on a nylon, blend the two together and over-dub a vocal … that world of multi-track recording and song production …

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There are a lot of “classical crossover” guitars with narrower nuts and non-flat radii (radii?:man_shrugging:). They seem usually to be 48 mm and 12-16” which is similar to mine. Some are very fine instruments, made by big name classical makers. So you don’t need to go all the way to full standard classical (50-52 mm and flat like the earth​:wink:).

One of my interests is to play classical music on steel string and electric. I love seeing a good metal head rip off a classical piece on their electric.

Hi Trond,
I really want to intervene now :no_entry:
I think Brian and I were just talking to you about buying an electric guitar to go with your new amp. :smirk:…so :blush:

Hahahahaha!!! Yeah… i know. You are spoiling all the fun Rogier :rofl:
I am not 100 % convinced yet on electric guitar by the way.
Tried a Gretsch and a strat the other day. I still dont get that feeling about them.
I just might be one of those acoustic only guy… dont know :rofl:

And by the way…. Adrien said that their is no such thing as too many guitars!!!

You callin’ me ‘normal’?!? :wink:
Haha, I resurrected that babe for the last OM, too :rofl:
It’s turned more into my autograph book now…

That’s correct, Joshua. My guess would be the greater the neck radius the flatter the fingerboard. A quick Google seems to suggest I guessed right :grin:

Well at least the thumb strumming was pretty standard even if a song titled DEAD was not :laughing:

Trond Trond Trond …life without an electric guitar is like…well, that black dark heart where all that sadness comes from? so that’s why… :upside_down_face:
Just borrow one from me for a few weeks…turn right under Denmark, then it’s only a short distance… :grin:

Hahahahaha!!! Nice one Rogier :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Zac Brown plays a nylon string guitar. I think he had it custom made. So I’m not sure what the neck is like compared to a regular classical guitar. Listen to the songs from the album the Foundation.

Know there is quite a few that plays on nylon…
Did not know that Zac Brown uses it, would never have guessed.

Well, that’s an interesting topic. When I considered buying a guitar, a classic/acoustic guitar was just the “normal” thing for me. When I think of a guitar, I usually think of an acoustic guitar. Don’t ask me why, but an electric guitar is something more “extraordinary” for me.

So I bought a Córdoba GK Studio about 1 1/2 weeks ago. It’s “officially” a Flamenco guitar. I have no plans to ever play Flamenco, though :joy: … I just liked how it looks and how it sounds. And the brand was recommended to me in the music store. And since I have no idea about guitars at all, I wouldn’t have been able to decide for or against anything anyway. :rofl: