Is my singing voice as bad as I think it is?

Hello friends!

I’m looking for some brutal honesty… Is my singing voice as unpleasant as I think it is?

LPeterL · Let it be (Test)

I know with training you can improve technique and pitch but the fundamental timbre/sound of the voice doesn’t really change much …

And I can’t stand the timbre/sound of my voice haha. It sounds kind of nasally? Especially when hit higher notes (although i guess this example doesn’t have high notes).

Honestly, Am I being too harsh on myself?

Thank You!


Hi Peter,
Yes… you are too hard on yourself… you have a voice that already sounds okay, go practice and I assure you that you can at least use your voice perfectly in your guitar accompaniment, and who knows what else is in the possibilities :sunglasses:


Hello Peter, I’ll try to find the right words so you hopefully won’t get hurt by my honesty and I’ll try to be as less brutal as I can…

Yes, you’re DEFINETELY too harsh on yourself :grin::grin::grin:

Hahaha…what did you expect? :blush:
Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with your voice and on the contrary I find it nice!

Keep on singing, as singing is a very joyful natural way of being…some training if you wish too…

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Hi Peter, nothing wrong with your voice. I do agree with @roger_holland and @SILVIA. Keep on singing, practice, find songs, that suit your voice, be more confident!

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The most important aspect of singing (apart from confidence), is whether you can hold a tune.
You only provided a very short snippet, but it seems ok.
By all means, focus on your phrasing, projection, enunciation, but you’re probably going to achieve the best results if you don’t try to change the way your voice sounds. Whether you like it or not is not the point.
Good luck with your journey and I look forward to hearing your first full song :smiley:


Many of us have arrived at your position, sooner or later, while learning guitar. Particularly with how we think we sound. In the main we all learn to come to terms with it and enjoy singing and playing. It’s a great feeling.

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No, your voice isn’t as unpleasant as you think it is, and yes, you’re being too harsh on yourself. :slight_smile:

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Your voice is not unpleasant. You are too harsh on yourself. I understand where you are coming from though as I have the same opinion of my voice but others do not.

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Nope. Sounds fine. The thing is, when you listen to your own voice recording it always sounds weird, because you re-hear it processed. There’s a name for this, I believe.

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Peter @LPeterL
Definitely not as bad as you think.
I thought it was fine.
Michael :notes:

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Dude. as a certified professional awful singer you are not even a gifted amateur.

Thats in tune and sounds decent, its a great place to start from and I would love to be able to do that well.

I think you just need a more practice and experience/confidence, and toi find your own groove with it


Your voice sounds fine and I have heard some awful ones in my time.

When I first heard my recorded singing I couldn’t stand to listen to it. It’s taken many instances of listening to my recorded voice before I got to where I don’t mind hearing it.

Also, your voice will improve the more you sing with it. Don’t take that as a back handed insult on how your singing sounds, more as encouragement to use it.


Thank you for the encouragement Roger :slight_smile:

Thanks Silvia :slight_smile: I might stick with it a bit longer haha

Thank you Helen! I think confidence might come when I actually get used to listening to my own voice haha

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Thank you for the encouragement, Brian!

Haha Thank you, I guess the sound of my voice is something I’ll hopefully get used to

Thank you! I hope we both will get used to our voice haha

Thanks! I hope I’ll get used to it over time haha

Thank you :slight_smile:

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