Is the subcription package and price for the Music Theory course changing?

Am I imagining things? I thought the subscription was $10/yr just yesterday when I was contemplating signing up. Made my decision to do so and noticed that it has since jumped to $44.99? Is there anyway to get the previous price?

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It’s still on the website for USD 9.99/6 months or USD 99.00/lifetime access.

Not for me. On mobile or desktop. Even in incognito mode.

Ber, I am not aware of any changes. I suggest you reach out to the JustinGuitar team here:

Thanks. I may have been targeted by their subscription A/B testing. It’s no longer $10 for 6mths for me.

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When, on the website, I go to store → website products, the practical music theory course is advertised as costing 9.99/6 months - 99.00 for lifetime access. However, when I then click on the link, I can choose between 5.99 per month or 44.99 per year. So it seems that pricing has indeed changed, but there is some inconsistency on the website.


Looks like the top image needs updating for changes

The 44 usd is the annual cost and 99 usd is for lifetime access

Michael it doesn’t look like the lifetime subscription is available anymore as it doesn’t show up as an option to select as far as I can see

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James @Socio
That’s interesting, I think I had a six month licence to start with and paid for a lifetime access at the end last year, looks as though I got in just in time.

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The sudden price increase does leave a bit of a sour taste in the mouth. Hopefully there’s some way for me to get yesterday’s price… I’ve dropped the JustinGuitar team a message via the Contact Us section. I also hope that there’ll be a heads up for any price bumps in the near future for people like me who are still in the Consideration/Evaluation phase. A simple message at the top of the subscription page should suffice. I would have definitely subscribed yesterday if that were the case.

Hey everyone. This is in soft launch/ We’re testing a few things, and an official announcement will be made in the next newsletter on Thursday!

Best wishes,

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Must admit that I went onto the theory opening page today it was different and it took a few more clicks to get where I wanted to be.

Hey @MAT1953 - you’re right! We’ll fix that on Monday, so if you have an active subscription, you won’t see the sales page. Thanks!

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I have an active subscription but turned off auto renew because I don’t like to be surprised in case I forget about it. I emailed support and was told that despite having active subscription they won’t be able to turn the renew back on so I can stay at this price. While I’m ok with the price increase it feels wrong to not allow current subscribers to continue if they turned off auto renew.

I got this email today, @Richard_close2u @larynejg I was wondeing since I got my lifetime access by being a translator on Amara am I also subject to end of lifetime access?

Please Read! Important notice about your
Practical Music Theory subscription.

Howdy guitar friend,

I’m writing about some changes in our Practical Music Theory Course, to which you currently have a 6-month subscription. That payment plan is, from now on, no longer available - but you don’t have to worry about it! As long as you don’t cancel the auto-renewal of your current 6-month subscription, you can keep that (super nice!) price for as long as you wish.

:moneybag: Just for reference, your subscription costs USD 9.99 every 6 months. The new subscriptions cost USD 5.99 per month or USD 44.99 per year, and the lifetime option is no longer available.

I know that’s quite a jump, but it was a necessary change to reflect all the years of work to put that program together for you and to be able to keep improving the website and my content!

:rotating_light: Want to cancel? You can cancel your current subscription anytime from your Dashboard/Account/Purchases, but you won’t be able to re-subscribe to the 6-Month plan option again. :wink:

Interactive Quizzes
One of the new features we’ve been working on is an interactive Quiz at the end of each grade so you can test your knowledge. This new feature is included with all subscriptions, including yours! Check out the Grade 1 Quiz to see how you go! :slight_smile:

If you maintain your subscription, you will get access to that feature and all other future improvements the course will receive for as long as your current subscription is active!

I hope you are enjoying the course and getting a lot out of it; as long as you want to keep going, you don’t need to do anything! Your 6-Monthly Legacy Plan renews automatically, and I send you a reminder 7 days before the renewal occurs.

Wishing you love, laughter, and lots of guitar fun!


Lifetime access owners will always have their lifetime access.


Oh so it’s not retrospective, thanks for clarifying!


Is there an All-Access subscription plan coming up ?

A subscription which would include all paid content on the site and app : app + theory + tabs + strumming + future paid courses. For people that want to subscribe to most services, All-Access may be a good value :slight_smile: