It was Just a Mini Vacation, but

I haven’t had time to really play since I got back Monday afternoon!

Okay so I left Wednesday on a road trip to the west side of Chicago for my nephew’s wedding, with hubby’s favorite sister (ok, his only sister) (hubby stayed home to take care of our old dog) and another of his brothers. We had a wild and crazy time, danced our hearts out, and I showed a nephew-in-law, whom I had just met (big family, lots of nephews and nieces) that, yes, you CAN dance to AC/DC’s Thunderstruck despite his protests too the contrary. (Did I mention open bar?) Anyway, there was no guitar playing, practice and barely a thought about it other than to wax on about how I love Justin guitar when anyone asked what Aunt Becky was up to.

So, I get home Monday, (my birthday!) and managed 32 minutes of, of all things, OMC’s as well as chord perfect practice and strumming. But since then, nothing, not yesterday, not today, it’s like I’ve lost the impetus. That or the fact that we’re in a ridiculous heat wave with no rain and everything outside is dying so I’m spending all my time watering saplings, seedlings, potatoes, grass, etc. Plus catching up on housework, medical appointments, etc. And we still don’t have air conditioning. (don’t get my started on my missing HVAC person) so it’s HOT inside the house.

I’m too tired right now, just got back from my birthday dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant (they are closed Monday and Tuesday) and there was more wine involved.

Does anyone else have trouble getting back into it after being away? I hope to get something in tomorrow, but I still wonder if I can find the time! I’ll be watering stuff for the foreseeable future. ACK!! Got 2 more garden hoses being delivered Friday. I need to find some motivation! Get my mojo back!


Happy birthday Rebecca. Just leave your guitar where you can see/grab it. You’ll soon get the urge to pick it up. Here’s a thought, buy a new guitar as a birthday present, that will definitely get you motivated to play😂


Hi Rebecca,
Breaking a habit can lead to (temporary) change … for good and bad things … not too much to worry about,
the will to play guitar is there so that will be fine…first things first…so about your garden :cry:, good luck with that and I will do a rain dance (or something) for you. …

And congratulations on your birthday :partying_face: :kissing_heart: :hatching_chick: :hatched_chick: :bouquet: :sunflower:


Doesn’t sound very exciting, OMCs and muted strumming?

Play songs, play songs, play songs.


Happy birthday, Rebecca :slightly_smiling_face:

Unpleasant inside temperatures are, well … unpleasant. Our apartment building is that well isolated that it easily gets +30 C in summer (whatever that is in Fahrenheit) and will stay at average +27 C for weeks. Meaning, I know how paralyzing hot inside temperatures can be.

For me, it’s actually the Learning Log that works. I just enjoy updating it. So, after the cold air from the heat pump in my office at work had seriously caused me pain for days, and I did not feel like playing even the tiniest bit, it was initially the idea of updating the Learning Log that motivated me to grab my guitar :slightly_smiling_face:

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Happy birthday Rebecca.

I think what you are experiencing is perfectly normal and I’ve been there many times.
In fact I have had a similar week where I have hardly picked up. For some reason I have found the day after an open mic, I don’t play at all. OK I am normally organising the next one and doing related admin but by Monday I’m back in the saddle.

This week its not just happened but there have been deliveries to listen out for, yard and garden work due to the time of year, doctors appt (not me), folk popping in. So I have been busy during the day and shattered come evening and any motivation has evaporated. All I have manage was to lay a drum track down in Reaper to check some latency and that has been it.

But this morning my slate is clear apart from some early shopping. So today will be a good day, even if that’s a 90 minute session before midday.

Guess all I am saying is don’t beat yourself up. You will pick up and get back in the groove when the time is right, Rest assured it won’t be long !



Belated Happy Birthday, don’t worry about the blip it happens, take your time and put your guitar where you can see it and it’s easily accessible; it will call out to you when you’re ready!


Sounds like you have the perfectly normal “life happens” going on.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much, giving it some air for some days and getting back in with a empty mind and a heart full of love for music is often good to have a refreshed perspective and a new drive. I usually listen more during these times, picking up fresh inspiration and motivation.

I have stints of a week or even more without playing or singing and it never hurt me.
I notice that, If I do less singing (lower average) over a course of a month, my quality seems to drop a bit.


Happy birthday Rebecca, glad you had a fab birthday.

I think the Dashboard on line works really well. I tend to do a Justin lesson and then set up a practice schedule for the week, it encourages me to get in with it. I think you’ve also had the comments about playing songs…. They are the best bit so do that first.

I’ve had a similar 8 week spell but have done what I have suggested above. It’s worked for me. You’ll get back to it, sometimes things just get in the way. Be kind to yourself, you’ll be fine.

Take care and have fun

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Belated happy birthday Rebecca, I hope you had a lovely day.

I’ve been beaten to it. This is what I do when I’ve not been able to grab the guitar for a few days and it all seems a bit odd. Either that or learn something new that helps inspire you.


Hapy birthday Rebecca! All the best.

Perhaps, at night when you sit down at your sofa to wind down a bit before bed, just grab your guitar and hold it…
Maybe the tv is on, maybe someone’s reading something… You just hold your guitar on your lap…
I think it’s impossible that in less than two minutes you won’t be doing something with it… :wink:


Nothing to add that hasn’t already been said, but happy birthday! :partying_face: :birthday:

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Happy birthday! It does sound like you are doing fun things as well as not so fun things. Life is like that. Just know that you will get back to it and cut yourself some slack. Start by just having fun with the guitar when the moment strikes! We all need breaks and we all have lives outside guitar. I probably won’t play much for the next week. We are moving…sigh. I need to leave a couple of guitars in the old house for staging, apparently that is a thing.


Happy birthday, Rebecca, for the other day! :partying_face: Sounds like some fab times had!! Loved hearing you cut up the dance floor to some AC/DC! :metal: :dancer:
I also find my enthusiasm ebbs and flows at times, like I’m sure everyone does, especially at busy times or when external factors (hot weather! :hot_face: ) are a significant influence. I do tend to rediscover my desire through listening to music that I love. Hearing a song that’s super cool and thinking it would be fun to check out how to play it, starts me back down the right track of feeling inspired :slight_smile:
Like mentioned above, it helps to have your guitar handy and perhaps just focus on the aspects of playing that you most enjoy, with the emphasis on play :wink:
Also, a break to reset is fine too of course! We all need that from time to time :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good luck with your move! It can be really disruptive and stressful! Hope it goes well :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday Rebecca. Hope you had a great day.
My enthusiasm levels ebb and flow like the rest of us. When I’m feeling flat I have a session where I play the simplest songs I know and that is so much fun it’s usually enough to fire me into action again.

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Happy (belated) birthday, Rebecca!! :cocktail: :partying_face: :tada:
Sounds like you had an awesome mini vacay!!

It’s just started winter where I am but I’ve come from somewhere very hot and dry so I really get what it’s like for it to be so hot. Hope the heat wave passes soon!

I’m lucky enough to have space to always have my gear set up in the room where I spend most of my time, so I can pick them up for a short time without much hassle. But some days I still only manage a couple of songs. I don’t have any sage advice to add but it’s obvious how much you love guitar. Don’t stress or beat yourself up, it’ll call you back :smiley:

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Hi Rebecca, and happy Birthday :partying_face:.

I experienced the same when I had been on holiday a year ago. I was away for a week, and after coming back, I didn’t touch my guitar for another two weeks. I was really concerned about that, as I knew from experience with other hobbies, this could lead to quitting it completely :scream:.
So one day, I forced myself to pick the guitar up again and found my way back.
Since then, I now always take my guitar with me when I’m away :blush:.


Hi Rebecca, I’m late to the party, happy belated birthday, seems as if you had a good time on your short trip. A lot already has been said, not much to add. Don’t stress yourself too much. Heat is a limiting factor, it slows us down. Your motivation will come back. As already mentioned, the guitar should be in a space where you can easily pick it up. Pick it up every day, even if it’s only five minutes. Do easy stuff and let it flow. Don’t set yourself too much under pressure!


Happy Birthday.
Lots of distractions, especially this time of the year.
Play, sing, have fun!