It's one of those evenings

I was in the mood to do some more recording, and having Paul David’s Hidden Beauty of Johnny Cash’s Hurt randomly pop in my YouTube feed this morning, I thought I’d give Hurt a go.

1st attempt, got to the outro and forgot if it should be strummed or plucked.
2nd attempt, got to the outro and played the wrong chord.
3rd attempt, which was a condensed play through skipping a verse and chorus, but felt pretty good. I’d disarmed the track so it didn’t record :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I might try again tomorrow, and try engaging the brain a bit more.


Chin up “It’s just one of those evenings” :slightly_smiling_face:


I recently saw the same video by Paul Davids and it had a similar effect on me, that I must learn it. It sounds like you’re much further on your guitar journey than me (I’ve been playing around 4 months) and so it’s taken a lot more than a few plays for me to get close to anything worth recording (more like 3 weeks and counting). I’ve had to learn to pick the strings (without looking) and more importantly tackle the dreaded F chord. I’m nearly there now, still a little more speed & consistency required on my change to the F, but it’s coming together. It’s definitely a good stepping stone for someone who has got through the beginner grade 1, knows their open chords and wants to try some new things

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I’ve been playing for a lot longer than 4 months, but I’ve hardly touched the guitars except for the occasional noodle for the past few years.

Hurt is one of those songs that is so simple, yet so powerful.
I’d say that it’s probably one of the best ever cover songs.

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That’s how I feel it too, it just happens sometimes…ooops oftener than I would like to :see_no_evil::woman_shrugging:

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Sometimes you just have to know when to give up for the day.

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