It's that time of year

Leaving the house this morning and was left a little gift. Mother deer will leave their babies in a place they feel is safe then go off for breakfast. I’m glad they feel my front yard is a safe place to leave their young.
About 2 or 3 weeks old


Nice photo Rick.
I would say it’s older than that. At 2 or 3 weeks they are well hidden in long grass or such like. If you came across one, it would cower or, if frightened, take flight. The one in your pic looks confident and relaxed and used to things going on around it.

Around here there is no long grass just mowed lawns. These deer live in town all year round and give birth at the end June and beginning of July. I have about 100 feet of hedge along the front and down the side of my front yard and the deer hang out here a lot.
I notices this little one though the window before I opened the front door of my house.

Sounds like they’re quite domesticated. Not where I live they’re not. I see them in my fields but it’s always at a distance. They’re wild and they go where they like. I’ve seen them amble up to a fence and just hop over it.

I wouldn’t say domesticated but they are not afraid of people or most dogs. They can be a real pest as well for anyone who has a garden or likes flowers. We have a 7ft tall deer fence around the back yard where our 2 green houses are and the vegetable garden is.

In the fall the males can get quite dangerous. Here’s one behind our shop(a few blocks from our house) from last fall. Could be the little guys dad.


Great picks, @stitch .
Before we had a fence around the garden, they came regularly to eat everything that suited their taste. They even ate the tomatoes growing at our veranda :see_no_evil:. And when the stag came as well during the rutting season, I wouldn’t have dared to go to the garden :grimacing:. But nevertheless, very impressive to know and hear them being so close :hushed:.

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He looks like the real deal!

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That’s be nice, certainly make a change from Kangaroos anyway :grinning:

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The mother was taking a break this morning in the front yard


Wow, a visit from a special friend hihi :slight_smile: Cute pictures !

That friend is a lot bigger than the hare that I sometimes see in my frontyard :rabbit2:

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Came home from work yesterday and the little deer was snoozing in the front yard. Didn’t see him until he jumped up. They sure grow up fast.


We had a couple of wild bunnies grazing on the front lawn a month or so back.

Seemed to find the place safe and secure. despite the odd Buzzard circling the house. That makes them run fast for cover. Visits are fewer now and mainly in the side garden but they’re now fully grown.

Like you say the sure grow fast. Not quite up to your deer but great have nature on the doorstep.

Hmm… Or nature on the parking place :smiley:


You have to love wildlife except for skunks. They are cute but don’t let the dog near them. :skunk: :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Yeah or goose :poop: Dogs love to drop that shoulder :rofl:

Hare today gone tomorrow :rofl:

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And have you noticed there are nearly always 3 hares !

Great photo Rick. A good example of how animals have evolved. The dappled coat of the deer gives some camouflage against the dappled light coming through the trees.

Oh no. Let me guess, you have such dog skunk experience?

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Luckily not any of my dogs but have been around when dogs have been sprayed and it’s not very pleasant. The worst is the first thing the dog does is runs to it’s owner for help and stinks everything up.

I did have a family of skunks tour our yard a few years and got some good video of the kits play fighting. I’ll see if I can find the video and post it.


When we lived in the country our 2 dogs got sprayed by a skunk, it was awful for a good couple of weeks. Casey got full on sprayed in the face, she could barely open her eyes for awhile. Jake got it bad but not in the face. Not an experience I’d like to go through again! They had a run in with a porcupine another time, but just Jake got quilled. Poor guy, we had to leave him at the vets overnight as he had to be sedated to take them all out :confused:

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