James Taylor - Sweet Baby James (Cover)

Hi there! My weekly check in.
This week I’ve been practising this classic by James Taylor. I love JT and, to be honest, I’d prefer to record a cover of Fire & Rain or You’ve Got A Friend but they’re a little bit of a stretch for me right now.
This one is fairly simple but it’s still a sweet song.
Let me know what you think if you get chance to listen.
“Singing works just fine for me…”


Hi there. My weekly listen. Clicking play on a CYPGMB post so often brings a fine song and a fine cover. Today ain’t no different.
I’m a curious old so-and-so and had thoughst of wanting to zoom in to read your wall charts, but then I thought I’d be alarmed at your old grubby strings still clinging on to life on your guitar! haha :wink:


@Richard_close2u Hi Richard! Thanks for listening, I appreciate you taking the time and lending your ear. I have been promising to change the strings for a while now (since the old forum) so it’s about time I did… definitely this year :wink:
Don’t zoom in on the wall charts unless you want some reading to help you sleep.

Love this song thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: Really nicely done! :smiley:

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@grayal thanks for listening! Glad you enjoyed the tune :notes:

Great cover. I think your voice suits his songs nicely. Also thanks for posting. It’s a reminder that I have to record a video soon too. Haven’t been able to play much this week though :grimacing:

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@Thejoechoi thanks for listening, always appreciated. I know you’re an accomplished musician so I must be doing something right if it ticks some boxes for you!

It’s a favourite song of mine, and I thought your version was lovely.

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Another fine performance, Iain.

I look forward to perhaps the next Community OM when you join the performers.

As one of those accomplished performers choosing to share videos here, I’d now really love to see you pull that camera back and engage more with the audience via the camera. I think that would take it up a level in terms of my own enjoyment.

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What a nice way to start my day. I very much enjoyed that Iain.

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Very nice Iain, you nailed it!

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Nicely played and well done. Great vox and play.

I have to say though, that after an hour of listening and commenting on others stuff. I find little reciprocation from you. Sorry if I missed your effort there.

Keep up the great effort and music making!
Keep rock’n,


Thanks for the comments.
After some deliberation, I’ve decided to stop posting covers here. There’s some encouragement but there’s also a lot of needle and point scoring to be honest.
First and foremost, I don’t give to receive @LBro. If you want me to comment on your stuff then tag me in.

Look further back and you’ll find reciprocation, LBro. Just a lot of AVOYP postings and replies to read and keep tabs on these days. Apology accepted on this occasion.

I thought of that and did say “sorry if I missed your effort there”.
Nuff said,

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It is not a matter to “give to receive”. Moreso, just paying it forward… I did see 1 post from you and apparently missed many prior ones. Forgive me, if in error on my comments.

Keep rock’n,

Nuff said but then continued to say more because he realised it was passive aggressive.
If this is “the vibe” you’re aiming for here then count me out folks.
You make everything grooooooovy… not.

I’m fairly new to the forum so still finding my way round but I’ve enjoyed listening to your music and it inspires me to keep working on and recording songs and also (massive step for me) to start learning to sing. This song in particular has a special meaning to me and made me smile to hear you play - which is what music is about… :slightly_smiling_face: Hope you keep recording and sharing and posting… :grinning:

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Hi Iain you do what you feel you need to do in terms of sharing your stuff but I worry slightly at the comment.

The community has worked pretty hard to avoid that and although I may not have seen all your posts I don’t see people needling others or point scoring. Certainly something we’d want to discourage if that is the case.

I don’t really care if it worries you mate tbh.
I think it’s quite obvious from this thread alone that it’s extremely cliquey around here. Folk can make their own mind up can’t they?