JamesSuntres - September 2023 - Cover of Lucille

This is my attempt at Lucille. It was one of the first songs I started learning on Justin’s song app!


Classic Kenny Roger’s stuff there James. I enjoyed your version.
You’ve got a good voice that suits the song. Some timing issues and a few less than perfect chord changes especially at the change of key part, but overall a confident performance. Well done.

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I clicked on this hoping for a rousing version of a Little Richard song!

Kenny Rogers is good stuff too, though! I echo what sairfingers said. And your strumming is way better than mine, I might add :wink:

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Thanks so much for your feedback! Yes, as I was listening to it I heard the wonky parts, which I will work on. I’m still working on hitting the bass notes as I strum and switching from some of those chords, especially D to D7. I’ll continue working on it! Oh! And I need to mention that I only started learning about 4 years ago at the age of 62. Before then I had never touched a guitar, nor even attempted to sing.

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That’s so funny! Thanks for your kind words.

I thought I’d be hearing some hard-driving rock n roll style.

[edit - I see @wiredforsound did too]

I forgot about this one.
A great song for the alternating bass-strum with moving bass notes and practicing some dominant 7 chords that are not A7, D7, E7.
Nicely played James.

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Thanks! But it of course needs work.

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Funny… I was expecting you to be channeling B.B. King singing about your black Gibson!!! :laughing:

Echoing the suggestions above, chord changes & timing need a bit of attention but a good rendition of this Kenny Rogers fave!!

Keep up the good work!!!


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Thanks Tod! I’m on it! In fact, I immediately started working on the problem areas. In a few weeks, I’m going to resend a hopefully improved version! What I love about this community is the friendly feedback I get from musicians much better than me!

You can’t beat a bit of Kenny and that was a nice cover James. One I’ve not heard in many a year but you had me singing along.

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Wow! Thanks for such a nice compliment! I hope my bad timing wasn’t so serious a problem for you!

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Tips have already been left here… just thought I’d chime in to say I enjoyed the song and your passionate performance!

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Thanks! I continue to work it, of course! Learning any song is an ongoing process!