Jamolay plays in starts and fits log

I have been in the community for a bit over a year now and haven’t posted any playing yet.

Partly it is because as soon as I start recording I can no longer play.

Partly it is for other issues of timing and interruptions (noted in what I will post first…:man_facepalming:t3:).

Mostly it is my own, well, camera shyness.

But… time to forget about that.

I am just going to try to post things in starts and fits when I think it is worth it.

Thanks to everyone here for being so supportive, non-judgmental and just plain interesting and cool!

First up, a start and a fit, interruptions 101…
A moment of WYWH (I didn’t want to poach the current WYWH thread).

Second, an Autumn Stream, take 452.5…
With a mess at the end, more of a mess anyway.


Well done Joshua. Some gopd stuff there, despite the interruptions, which I’m all too aware of here as well.
You’ve broken the ice now mate. A somewhat different ballgame when that red light goes on. Still very much getting used to it myself.

Keep postin mate.


Well done with your first post of you playing, I’ve not got round to a video yet for the same reasons; I find it a lot easier to post sound only, I tend to pull lots of “silly faces” as my wife says :joy: I call it playing with emotions!

Great to see and hear you playing, Joshua. Making good progress on both songs.

I forget (both my memory and number of active members), if you are a left-handed player or need to set the camera to do the mirror image thing. I think the former but as likely as not, not.

Hope now you have broken the ice you’ll share more frequently. The more you do the more (slowly slowly) relaxed you’ll become when recording.

Oh and I moved this post into the Learning Logs sub-category. It seemed appropriate, I liked the title, and we prefer not to have uncategorised posts, if possible.

Well that seems to work for Gary (Moore).

Also why my posts of me trying to learn to bend and play improvs are cropped in close to the guitar. I could say it is to give a clearer view of my playing for sake of feedback, but truth be told more so due to cringe-inducing faces :laughing:

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Good stuff Joshua. Vibes for your first (of many I’m sure) AVoYP’s. Those pieces were really good.

The only comment I’ll make is to try to get out of the habit of constantly looking at your fretting hand. Not easy I know but the longer you do it the harder the habit is to break.
Try looking up in between changes even if you then have to look as you’re changing. You’ll gradually find you can find the chords without looking.

Well done.

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That was amazing stuff Joshua :fire::fire::fire: loved how you got interrupted on the first one :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I think you sounded very good on Wish you were here. But even better on the last… that sounded amazing!

Well done and keep on posting! Looking forward to the next.

(@DarrellW And for silly faces… dont think about it. There is no such thing…)

You’ve broken the ice now. Red light fever… I suffer from it too. Tried to record an audio clip of a song I had been playing great to send to a friend today and as soon as I hit record - muppet. Heart rate escalates and can’t play properly. Just got to keep doing it until immune I reckon.

The interruption on the first video is basically what happens to me every day. So familiar.

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Ah, the day has arrived, Joshua-
I hope you have mixed feelings about it, between immense satisfaction of having done something you’ve been contemplating for a long time and the anti-climax of ‘What was the big deal about that?’
On the old forum you’d receive lots of good vibes for taking the plunge, so have some virtual ones from me :sunglasses:
On to critique: There is always a newbie somewhere in the world trying to learn WYWH. Bless Mr. Gilmour for coming up with a song that can withstand repeated spanking by the likes of us and still be ‘listenable’.
I learnt the basic strumming and singing bit early on, but have yet to have a go at the intro/solo.
You’ve just zoomed by me there. My one advice: slow it down even more and practice with a metronome (I think you do this already?).
Regarding Autumn: some fancy finger work there demonstrates you’ve been spending your time practicing your fingerstyle. Well done.
Look forward to following your progress :smiley:

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Wow! Thanks for all the comments and attention! Very appreciated. Although now I feel a little self conscious about the silly face!

I did feel I looked awfully serious and a little “Homer Simpsonesque” D’oh!

I can’t figure out the multiple quotes from multiple messages thing.

@DavidP, I didn’t even notice the mirror image! I am a lefty, but I play righty, yet the video steals my soul and shows my true nature!

Do I just need to use the camera on the back of the tablet, or is there another way in android?

@sairfingers, I am working on looking away from the fretboard. My neck would be happy. Easier said than done and the camera gives me enough fits!

@tRONd, @sclay, @jkahn, I prefer to play in a family common area. I am trying to expose my 12yo to what learning something like this takes. She immediately quit violin after I started!

It is nice not having to hide from the family to play, but I can’t play the steel string at night and the mic picks up noise from 50ft away better than the guitar in front of it (my main floor is an open 60 ft long space).

@brianlarsen, thanks for the vibes, support and helpful nudge! Yes, best to just get it out there!

I agree WYWH is unique and marvelous. It doesn’t really get old despite the repetitive play. Very resilient tune. I have been working on the lead solo as well, but it is hard. I would have included my attempt at it had I not been so sweetly interrupted (and managed not to fail too catastrophically to post). When I play the solo, the timing is really wrong because it is so hard I haven’t been able to really pull that part together. It is much easier on the nylon or electric as well. Can’t get this slides to ring or the bends to time right on the steel string.

Thanks for noticing my efforts on finger style (mostly classical driven so far)! Especially hard being left handed playing righty.

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Usually in an Android video camera app there is a mirror image config setting when using the front-facing camera. On my Android phone, it is under Settings, Save as Flipped. Same on my Android tablet which must be near 10 years old.

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Great to put a face against a nickname at last Joshua! You did great, hopefully this will encourage you to post more in the future! And yes interruptions - I reckon all of us deal with those more or less every day :smile: keep up the good work and all the best!

Well done, Joshua! Your sense of accomplishment and joy was very evident at the end of Autumn Spring as you hit the stop button. Great start to your AVoYP adventure.
I thought you showed great dexterity with both your fretting and picking hands. Those long and fluid fingers will serve you well.
Don’t give up on the second solo for WYWH. It gets easier the more you work your way through it. One day the rhythm of the solo will pop into your fingers and you will experience unmitigated joy :grinning:

Long fingers must be a video artifact. They are medium, neither long or short for my stature ( which is on the short side).

I am close with the solo! But as Brian noted, I need more time with the metronome. I have been working more on the mechanics than the timing for the solo. If I use my nylon string, I am probably ready to sort the timing out better, but the steel string is really much, much harder.

Hi Joshua. The two pieces are sounding good but I see Autumn Leaves is more fluid maybe because you feel more comfortable with the nylon string guitar. If you struggle with one part of a song you can sometimes work a little on that part only, repeating those two or three notes several times until they get fluid. Nice the guitar playing is part of your family life. Looking forward to more videos, interruptions included.

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An infrequent update. Autumn Stream again. Thanks!


Perhaps infrequent, but it was really a great update Joshua! I love to listen to some classical guitar from time to time and seems like your time spent on this particular genre of music is paying off its dividends. Very nice right hand technique, well done!

You are obviously doing well, making progress, Joshua. It sounded good and displayed good control and fluency on both hands. Keep doing doing what you’re doing!

Hi Joshua, it is sounding pretty good. Keep working on it.

That was a great update, Joshua. You are making excellent progress. As others have pointed out your are developing good technique and control with both hands. Good work.