January 2024, Refugee (Tom Petty) Dido - Thank You Cover

Hey guys just experimenting around with this with all the new plugins and such, i know the quality and I know its distorted in parts, I did that on purpose lol. Im still learning haha! The end is not perfect as its not in sync with the video. I spent 5 hours on this one. I was rushing to put it all together!!! Hope you guys like it! Maybe i could get it sounding better if i spent more time with it for sure. Having a full time job dont help lol. Cheers have fun and enjoy! :slight_smile: Just updated everything is in sync now!! :slight_smile: I took out the distortion on my vocals on the 2nd chrous part. Plus a tad less reverb! :smiley:

Heres another song! Just me and the guitar!!! :slight_smile: Love this song is so beautiful!!! Enjoy!


Hi Bytron, that’s a superb home production for only five hours :open_mouth:
-no need for all the ‘qualifiers’ :wink:
You picked on of the handful of Petty songs I really like.
I enjoyed inclusion of all the different video elements.
On a personal taste level, I’d prefer a tad less reverb on the vocals.
Most singers would say you get a better result standing while singing, but hey- I’m an armchair crooner myself :rofl:

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Super production Byron. You’re really coming to grips with all your new tech and equipment.
It’s a great song and I enjoyed your version.

Awesome job Byron, very impressive production.

Hey Brian thanks for the comment! Haha yeah i just prefer sitting down while i sing, just easier with my setup i have. I may retweak it some and repost it as the original video post. Thanks for the tip may have to do a little less reverb! :smiley: I love Tom Petty especially Running Down A Dream song.


Excellent rendition of a song I didn’t know - till now! All the drive and rock that Tom would have delivered.


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Thanks brian! Glad you liked it! :slight_smile: Just updated it guys as well!! :slight_smile:

Wow, unbelievable you wrapped that all up in only 5 hours, Byron! Hats off. :clap: :clap:

You’re really on your way regards the production skills. Well done on that one, I really enjoyed to listen and watch. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.

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That was a fantastic production Byron. Thoroughly enjoyed that!

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That’s a bloody great job mate!

Terrific multi-instrumental work - great arrangement, and really captured the attitude of the song. You need to make more of these!

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Wow thanks guys! I honestly was kinda iffy on posting this one! Glad I did! Lol! :slight_smile: Happy you guys like it!! Ill def do more like these for sure! I find it fun to do and helps me mentally! Thanks guys!

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Just updated guys enjoy!

Byron, Kudos for trying new things and expanding your horizons in recording.
Here’s some tough love as you’re heading down the huge path of multi-track recording, I’m going to suggest you build from the ground up.
Your recording lacks a solid foundation of rhythm and timing. Use a click track then add your drum track then your bass track. The bass track could be a guide that you edit out after in which it plays only the root note on beat 1. You need to set a solid rhythmic foundation to hold it all together and prevent your timing going wayward and giving yourself problems when trying to sing over an erratic form. Some bars are not being held for four beats, others for a little longer. The drummer steers the ship. Take your time and get all the nuts and bolts in place and fastened tight. LBro spends hours and days working on his recordings and leaves no loose ends or sloppy bits. Give yourself and your music the respect deserving and craft your recordings rather then throwing them together in a spare few hours.

Thanks for the pointers Richard! Whats a click track? Anything to help my timing would be a plus… I know my timing and all that isnt perfect and i could spend more time on my projects to get them perfect, I just dont have that kinda time sadly. I mean i guess i could but i guess im kinda a rushy person in general lol. I actually use my rhythm guitar as my timing, guess i need to stop that lol. Thanks man!

That can be either a basic metronome or a drum groove. Given that you like to record your percussion, you start by recording it with a metronome. I am sure Ableton as that feature.

I sometimes find myself recording a guitar part over a drum track, sometimes over just the metronome when producing a multi-track project.

Well I guess this is the crux of Richard’s comment. In simplistic terms it boils down to quantity or quality. You can complete many projects quickly or take a little longer per project and complete fewer.

Thanks David ill keep that in mind! Thanks for the tips!

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Both offerings sounded good on this end. A couple things to keep in mind. If you feel the need for more reverb on your vocals, try pulling that reverb fader down a bit and pulling up the delay in CLA. I assume you now have that plug. You don’t want to overdo delay as it can get out of hand. But your verb should be less on the faders perhaps than the delay.

I have to agree with @DavidP. You have to come to a point of decision on what you want. Quality or quantity. You were used to pumping out a song recording in 20 minutes. As you now know, it can take hours of work to do the best job on a song as you can. Your still not putting in that much time as some of it is going towards video production. I would encourage you to take your time, learn as much as you can as you go and enjoy the ride. Producing less is small in comparison to feeling really good about something you create that is the best shot you can do.

Take good care and grow mate!

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Dude I recall your previous topic where you were asking for advice on sending your songs out to record labels. That suggests to me go for quality over quantity.

Frankly I think Byron has already decided. There is the little matter of $400 invested in Live and another $100 more at least in plugs. I don’t think you do that unless you are bent on improving…

So what is the verdict Byron?

I know I know, ive basically have gave up on that. No matter how good of (quality my song is) it seems I get nowhere. I mean i know I have some banger songs that i have done in the tons of videos I have created. Most not so much, but some yes… are really really good. So I just do it for fun, and therapy so im honestly not too worried with quality anymore. Whenever im in the mood to record a song, i just go with it. This song refugee that i did is really good and im happy with it. Sure… I missed a chord change here and there and it threw my rhythm off some (For those that are really critical…) but hey… you know what? I could have spent extra time and redone it and got it down perfect but i decided not to… Why? Ive been making videos since the early days of youtube and have not gotten anywhere with it so why bother. I guess I could make it (Perfect) but the way i see it is mistakes are magical. I do notice the mistakes I do in my videos, and i guess im just to lazy or stupid to fix them lol. Except for all the plugins and such still learning those and i appreciate all of yalls advice for sure!

I posted this song on another forum and I said i know its got kinks and its not perfect, you know what the other guy said that replied? He said you know what we all can be our own worse critics, he said he didnt even notice the problems in the song, even then its hard to tell it in the song and he said he thought this was one of my best performances and video work i have done.

But yeah im still just learning how to use all the effects and stuff thanks LBro for the advice. Ill keep that in mind less reverb and more delay!

But yeah, thats where i kinda sit right now on productions. Really the only person (who) cares about my work is myself and thats ok!!! Ill just keep doing me I reckon LOL!

Really if I wanted to truly go anywhere i would have to join a band and perform and play out with others or go solo… I just dont have that kind of energy. I dont wanna make a job out of something that i enjoy doing. You would just think that my youtube ch would be doing better than what it is… is all im saying… but nope! So yeah! Ha! Its a joke. But i still push on cus its something i enjoy doing. Thanks guys rant over! Hope you guys have a great day and thanks for all of yalls input fore sure!!