JG Italian workshops

I keep seeing posts from JG on social media about his Italian workshops but can’t recall seeing anything about them before that.

Where are they held, how do you apply and how much do they cost?

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Thanks for the link but these are way out of my price range!!

Has anyone on the forums been on these or are attending this years?

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Yes I’m sure they would be great fun but they are very expensive.

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@eric.lennon is going if my memory serves me correct and was at the one the year before?

Yes indeed I am going. Leaving for Italy on Sunday. It is 5 days with Justin and his former teacher and mate Pete Whittard. 2 great musicians and just great guys. As well as Justin and Pete he will have another musician friend of his to support us and also a local professional bass player and drummer who have been with us on previous workshops and are both top guys. I am going to ask Justin if he minds if I share my experience on the forum when I return. This will be my 3rd time, it has been quite stressful preparation as Justin gave us upfront assignments but I am looking forward to the experience. I understand there is an acoustic workshop taking place this week in the same venue, I am sure that will be great also but I could not justify the time away from home to attend both.


Wow, I hope you have a blast of a time Eric.
I’ve never met anyone who spent money on something they really enjoyed and regretted it.
I’d be really surprised if Justin minded you sharing your experience (as long as you don’t destroy him :rofl:) The fact that you’re going for the third time speaks for itself.
It would be fascinating to have an account of what it’s like.
Good on you for going and being willing to share.
Vibes :sunglasses:


Cheers Brian.

They do sound awesome and I can imagine an amazing experience. Perhaps a lottery win activity for me :slight_smile:

I’d be really interested in a write up @eric.lennon assuming you get a thumbs up, I would certainly hope so. Have an amazing time!

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Have a safe journey Eric and enjoy the workshops for all of us on the forum!

Hey look what I have just found, Eric smashing Sultans of Swing rhythm guitar during the workshop! :grinning: hopefully available to anyone regardless if they have or haven’t instagram account :grinning:



That looks and sounds pretty cool