JGC Open Mic XVIII / 18 - Call For Interest

@docdanguitarman in the pot Danny, I’ll be issuing place confirmations next Monday via DM.
Watch this space (well Notifications actually :wink: )

Unfortunately, I’ll be travelling that day but am already looking forward to watching the show once it’s uploaded to YT :smiley:
@Jenndye429 Good on you for offering to MC. It’s good fun and you’ll have a blast! Are you going to persuade Dan to co-present? I can imagine the “And the next performer is…” Drumroll… :laughing:

@docdanguitarman Based on your basement AVOYPS and wonderful originals you’ll be a natural. Really looking forward to watching your performance. Happy birthday in advance! :smiley:

Toby, do everyone a favour and just add @Richard_close2u to the official lineup. It will save the dithering and bring another dimension to the party. He can always bail out if circumstances change :wink:


I’m sure he will be around :wink: :drum:


Hello Toby, please put me on the performer’s list again :smiley:. UTC+2.
Thank you :hugs:.


@Jenndye429 I am sure you will Jen. Delighted that another person will step in to support the running in that way.

And with acoustic drums in the house, I expect you’ll be turning the guitar up to be heard in balance with the drums. So pumping up the vocals will also be required.

As I heard Ian Gillan say on Purple’s Made In Japan ‘can I have everything louder than everything else’ (If you’ve not listened to MiJ, I’d recommend it, a contender on the live album GOAT list) :rofl:


Happy to help! :grinning: I have been thinking for a while that it would be fun to MC and since I’m not playing in this one, it seemed like the right time to step up.

Yes, agreed! I’m trying to make sure I don’t kill my hearing in the process :laughing: I bought us both musician’s earplugs that are supposed to lower the decibel level. My guess is we will need to invest in something else long term, but for now I’m hoping they help :crossed_fingers:

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OK time for another not quite so daily sweep but…

Into the Performer pot goes @docdanguitarman and @NicoleKKB

And into the mosh pit goes Jeff @nzmetal



I would like to watch this if its possible.
Its EST time here :canada::guitar::v:

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Sure Bob. Please confirm your time zone in UTC. See link in the intro if unsure.

Hello & Happy Friday. I believe Im in in the -5 UTC. I’m in Toronto, Canada. Not sure if i figured it out? :thinking:
Have a great day

Thanks Bob, I have Toronto down as UTC - 4 as its EDT not EST at the moment.

I am sure that ties in with Thunder Bay, where @Mari63 hangs out.

I’d go for -4 or you’ll be kicking your heels for an hour or so. Folks will get local start times, nearer the show when I send the Zoom link out to attendees.


You are correct on your time zones, Toby. We’re a good 15 hour drive from Toronto though. @Bobsuruncle if you’ve never been to Cosmos music store in Richmond Hill, check it out. It’s my favorite guitar store but I don’t get down to the Toronto area very often so I don’t get to go there very often.

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Yes please Toby, … play’n’pray …
TZ : UTC +1

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I would definitely like to be a performer. Thanks

I would sure like to perform 2 songs. Eastern std time. UTC - 5.

@Brucie Bruce all are welcome but we do have eligibility criteria, as explained in the first post of the Topic

Thanks. I have read that. Am I not eligible? Thank you

Bruce, the platform flagged your reply as your first post on the Community. As such I assumed not since you need to have posted an Intro here #community-hub:introduce-yourself and at least one recording here #community-recordings:audio-video-of-you-playing If the platform misled me, my apologies.

Gotcha. Sorry. I will do so.

No worries, Bruce.