JGC Open Mic XXI / 21 Call For Interest

JustinGuitar Community Open Mic 21 - Saturday, 20th January 2024 @ 1900 UTC

Register now to join the audience or be considered as a performer at the next JustinGuitar Community Open Mic.

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Please note we have made some changes for 2024, so read on but read on carefully.


Online via Zoom.


Open Mic 21 - Saturday, 20th January 2024 @ 1900 UTC

Audience registration

Getting a seat in the audience is simple. Just reply to this thread stating your wish to attend. The Zoom link will be distributed one week before the event.


There are fifteen performer slots available with an opportunity to play one or two songs. Please state your wish to be considered for a slot in a reply to this topic. Remember to state your location & UTC time zone.

Performer slots are available according to the following criteria.

  • We ask that performers be actively engaged members who embody the positive and supportive pay-it-forward ethos we have long nurtured within the Community.
  • We ask that performers have made an Introductory topic, ideally including some information about their learning path with JustinGuitar.
  • We ask that performers have shared audio-video of their playing in the Community Recordings section, recorded since becoming a Community member.*
  • We ask that performers have previously attended Open Mics as an audience member.

The performer application window closes approximately 4 weeks before the show (25th December) after which a final list of performers will be published. If the number of potential performers exceeds our limit we may need to disappoint some people - although regular performers often express their willingness to step aside and allow newer performers their chance. We do try to give all who express an interest the opportunity to perform.

More info
Some helpful links, especially for performers:

Thanks for your interest in the Community Open Mic. We look forward to seeing you there!


Thanks Toby.

Please put me down for the audience.

The way things are going I’m not sure how I’ll be going with guitar over the next few weeks. So I don’t want to request a performer slot and withdraw in the days before, feels like I am taking advantage of being a performer from the outset and an active member.


Morning Toby,
My goodness, some people haven’t recovered from last night…you’re fast :sunglasses:
Good work :man_bowing:

It will still be a audience place here and at UTC+1 (not forgotten this time the utc :sweat_smile:)


Imho , I don’t think anyone would be having those thoughts David, but respect whatever decision you see fit .
It goes without saying that having you perform is a huge positive to the event, as is your backroom support.
Think on the positive shipmate, sign-up. Come the week of the event you feel you’re not up to it, then simply withdraw.
You won’t be denying anyone a place, and you will have given your best looking forward to playing a song for us.
Just me " two-penny" worth … :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes please, Toby, for OM XXI … need to climb back on the proverbial horse … :sunglasses:



Hi Toby can you put me down for an audience spot please? I can’t believe I missed last night’s OM, how I never saw it advertised is baffling!:joy:
UK time zone :+1::uk:

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Hi Toby, stick me down for the audience please :slightly_smiling_face:


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Oops just read the “Rules is Rules” … only 15 slots. :blush:
I still hope you sign up, but now understand you’re pov.



Hi Toby, will you please put Lara and myself down to perform UTC 0, thank you.
We will step down should it be required.


:scream: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

I hope maybe through my quoting that more half-blind people will notice it :blush:

I finally got it right…I thought… and then you change the instructions :woozy_face: :smile:


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Roger if Audience folk want to add the UTC its great and not an issue if they do. We are trying to make it easier for them. Life changes, the world changes, everything changes. :sunglasses:


Hi Toby, please consider me for a performer slot (UTC 0).

Yikes - I’m nervous just applying, no idea how I’m going feel on the day :open_mouth:

First time for me, but what’s the worse that can happen? (don’t answer that!)




I don’t have you down as a previous JGC OM audience member (Justin’s gigs are separate as we keep no record of the audience for the “Livestreams”). So you can book a seat for this one and be eligible for the next one. Sorry :sunglasses:

Hi Toby
Can I please have a seat in the audience again
thank you :smiley:

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Ah, sorry Toby. I thought the livestream counted.

Audience it is then :slight_smile:


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Looking forward to more stunning harmonies from you guys.

What’s the thinking behind reducing the number of performers?

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Ah, c’mon Toby- Paul has shared multiple Avoyps, is a positive contributor to other folks posts and attended an OM (even if under a different ‘label’ :roll_eyes:)
The only point of these ‘rules’ is to encourage regulars and deter the fly-by-night Look-at-mes.
Other far less interactive/committed members have participated.


It’s all good Brian - rules are important :slight_smile:

It’ll give me more time to prepare something anyhow!