JGC Open Mic XXII / 22 Call For Interest

You now have 3 seats, along with Jasmine ! :rofl:


Hi Toby, can I have an audience seat please? Cheers mate :+1:

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Hey Toby
Can i get an audience please.
you doing a great job organizing, thank you

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Hi Toby, can I get an audience seat please, UTC.

Apologies for missing the last one, will get caught up on YouTube before XXII.

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A quick round up of the latest audience requests.


Thanks for the support.



Audience seat for me please!

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Hi Toby, can I have a pew in the audience as well please?
Many thanks!

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@southpaw6 @Notter seats booked. Will be sending the audience DM out at the weekend. :sunglasses:

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Audience please, front row-center :sunglasses:, UTC-8.


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Sorry front row is full, will 2nd row do ? :wink:

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