July 2023, Again Original Remake

Hey guys so i have done this song numerous times and i just remade it again!!! Hope yall enjoy it! Lemme know what you think!!! :slight_smile: Again Rm Original Song - YouTube



Sorry for your loss. The song speaks to me I recently had to endure a heavy loss too.

Love the guitar and voice.

Only the drums are a bit sparse. I’d love some sparkly hi-hats and a warm crash sometimes in there. Always creative decisions I know. There is no need for crazy fills or steady hit hat, but I feel a few hits with some cymbals here and there could give a bit more of an acoustic feel and help moving the song along too.

The syncopated dry drums sound almost a bit too machine-like (like in hip-hop or edm) even if you punched them in by hand. Of course, again it can be an artistic choice to have that “clash”.

I like the beat itself, I feel the sample choice could be a bit more acoustic.

I have a great respect for your songwriting, It sounds pretty natural and timeless.
I’m not there yet with the guitar, but aspiring to try and write “singer-songwriter” style songs.

Hey thanks man!!! Yeah im a newbie at percussion lol. I mostly just winged it and went with what i thought sounded good with it. I just use a midi keyboard for it and id say its kinda hard to hit all the drums that you want with your fingers, thats why i only did 2 beats haha! Thanks for listening im glad you liked it!!! Yeah losing someone sucks!! Why i wrote it. Thanks!

It’s great that you’re expanding your recording by writing the percussive part yourself too.

You could play in the cymbals separately. I know it wouldn’t look that cool in the video.

Or alternatively, use a shaker layer to spice up the high end of the percussion layer. Which is visually cool and acoustic :wink:

Keep it up!

Thanks man ill have to check in on it!! What you think of the lead in it? :slight_smile: I know it wasnt all that long maybe i should have went another measure of it not sure though lol.

It’s good, but yeah, you’re right it could have gone another measure with the lead. Maybe on the second measure with a bit more emotional bends, maybe vibrato sprinkled in. In other words: the first measure of the solo is more on the clean side and the second one is a bit more expressive/lamenting.

I always think giving a small contrast in adjacent similar sections helps the movement of the song.

Thanks for the tips! May have to redo it and add some more lead to it eventually!! Maybe after each verse and for a little longer. Thanks man!!

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Depends on what your goals are with the song. I think sometimes letting a song sit and gather ideas can help instead of re-recording it again and again (no pun intended). Focus on other songs learn some more on your journey with new ideas and get back to it sometime 4 sure.

Oh and yeah with pleasure, if you ever want to talk about production more indepth send me a PM so we could chat some if you like. I’m still learning too, but learning together is more fun imo.

Sure thing man! :slight_smile:

My guity pleasure is back :smiley: sounding really good Byron. With regards to the length of lead line I think it all comes down to personal preference. Its what sounds good to you. If you feel it needs another measure then give us another measure. The one thing that I did read or hear somewhere was to keep the track to under 3 minutes unless your an established artist (I think it may have been Paul Davids). Maybe take that into consideration. Hope you’re keeping well buddy.

That track length advice is sadly a very good one imo.

I just shortened my track from 4.20 to 2.40 and it was liberating, but also hard to let go of parts you worked on and still love. You can always have a long version on the backburner.
Still presenting the shorter version is I think a good move if you want to reach more people. People’s attention span is just ever shorter in general.

Lol Socio! Thanks for the chuckle. Glad you liked it! Interesting ive never heard of the length thing before! Is that just a forum thing?

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I guess its good its at 2:58 then Lol.

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Im good just been working 4 10 hour days in custodial at a school i work at. Got to perform for the kids there it was cool and a neat experience, they loved it and was singing along with me!!! I did part of Old Town Road, not all the bad parts. Times like these and Have you ever seen the rain songs, they loved it!

No, I’ll dm you a link to the video when I find it again. It’s quite interesting as it’s all about creating your own songs.

That’s cool that you got to perform for the kids and they sung along. You’re the cool kid at school :wink:

LOL yeah haha.

Sorry for your loss.

Your playing and singing sound like a professional. Very, very well done.

I would say, for this one, drop the drums entirely. You play them well but in my opinion, this performance does not need it. Your timing is flawless, your playing is super clean. This would sound great without the drums. Or you could try choosing a different sound, perhaps something more naturally acoustic like a Cajon could fit better.

Wow thanks man! Was not expecting a comment like that! I appreciate it! Yeah I thought about leaving the percussion out, but me as a musician and as a hobby, I like to fiddle around with sounds and try to make my recordings more full and sound like a band. I like adding the rhythm, percussion, lead and maybe piano here and there. Though i would really love how to play a violin eventually thats my fav instrument and have always wanted one. Would be cool to fiddle around on a violin in my recordings!!! Cheers! Thanks man!

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I have a cajon maybe i should have used it lol. Guess im just use to the midi keyboard.

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What track you shorten? Id like to listen to it! :slight_smile: