Just another future guitar player saying "hello" from Spain

Hi! My name is Javier (41) from Madrid, Spain.

After some time reading the community I think it is the moment to take the mic and introduce myself.

20 years ago I was a young and mind-monkey boy who loves music and was curious about playing it. My parents gifted me an Ibanez starter pack and I began to try to learn. Just to justify me (only a bit) 20 years ago youtube didn’t exist, the Internet was slow, and trying self-taught meant going through two CDs burned with a flash guitar course where the most exciting part was " Amazing Grace"… yep, a year later I quit.

Fast forward 15 years.

My firstborn was born and I felt that my curiosity about guitar came back again. This time I saw youtube videos where crazy-fast shredders showed you the last and definitive 5 tricks to learn to play guitar… and cute cats videos… all mixed… I learned a lot. Do you know that if a cat has three colors she is a female?. I failed again. I felt that I needed a guide. All the information was there, but all mixed and without any plan. Anyway, this time I didn’t quit. I made my own plan with the things I felt I laked so my progression was slow and time-demandant, but yep, I learned some things.

In '20, with some free time due to the lockdown, I found Justin Guitar and the journey began again. But this time I feel it is working. The course is well structured and it grows my confidence. Now I use to pick my guitar(s) almost every day and my children (now I have a horde of them) ask me to play it and are really curious about it. At this moment I’m about to finish the second grade and planning to come back and revisit the previous lessons to assure the most difficult parts are under control… at least until Justin finishes recording the whole grade 3.

Just to draw a bit more about me, I expend the rest of my (few) free time building things (at this moment, my second guitar kit is about to be painted and I’ve my first tube amp waiting its turn… mind-monkey, remember?

Well, this shows up my relationship with the guitar and a bit about me. Thanks to Justin and his team for this great site… and to you for reading!



Welcome Javier!!!
Same guitar story as pretty much everyone in the forum :rofl:
Is that a fact by the way? Female cats with three colours??

Looking forward to see you play!!


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Ha! Welcome @jCarravilla ! I totally relate to the YouTube story!

Amazing what a well developed, coherent and organized course can do for those of use with good intentions but flittering minds!

What schematic are you planning for the amp? I have tons of tube stereo supplies from my building days and don’t need another audiophile stereo amp, so need to build a guitar amp soon. I wonder if I can do it with a 207A? I have several.

I look forward to hearing your progress playing and monkeying! But don’t give up on the cats!:crying_cat_face:

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Welcome to the Community, Javier. Sounds like you are on the right path now. Perhaps start a Learning Log in #community-hub:learning-logs both to track progress and post up some pictures of your instruments (I’d love to see the kit you’ve built). Keep enjoying.


Hola Javier.

Bienvenido aqui. It is amazing your story is ver similar to mine. I love that you didn’t give up after failing. There is no shortage of people telling you what’s impossible. Those are people that failed and gave up and failure loves company. You can be a successful guitarist if you put your mind and sweat into it. People used to cover their ears when I played and now they gather to listen. I never got the chance to visit Spain when I lived over in Europe. I live in San Diego, Ca near the frontera of Mexico. My Spanish is more Spain style than Mexican they always give me a hard time lol. Hope to hear you play soon.

Jeff Cervantez

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Bienvenido Javier! :slight_smile:
I’m spanish living in Madrid as well, what a small world. And you are in the right place, you’ll realize soon enough how special this community is.

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Hi Javier,

Thanks for sharing your story; it is recognizable for sure!

Nice of you to “grab the mic” there; please feel welcome to ask, share and contribute! :smiley:

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Thanks for this warm welcome!

Yes, I think that my history is pretty common here. I hope also to share the result because most of you are far above me :sweat_smile:

@tRONd Hi! Yes is a fact. At least if you believe in the internet information. I heard about it a couple of years ago and I double-check this morning. Three colors are female.

@Jamolay Hi! As It is my first attempt I’ve bought a 2-3w kit, cheap and quiet enough to avoid my wife flying away and let me alone with both children and the mortgage. The one I got was the MadAmp Blues (I’m not sure about the external link policy, but the page is easy to find). I’ve also bought a Celestion Greenback 12" to build the cab :yum:

@DavidP Hi!, Thanks, David. Definitely, I’ll do that.

@SDKissFan Hola! Thanks for the support! I’ve never been to California but a road trip to your coast is one of my dream travels!

@KevinKevan Hola! I saw you in the last open mic night video. This video was one of the reasons to enroll in the community!

@LievenDV Hi! Thanks, I’ll do it for sure!

It’s almost true. There’s various type of multi-coloured cats including calicos and tortoiseshell (aka “torties”).
Male calicos and torties are very rare (and are normally sterile) but it does happen.



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Hahaha… cool. I will keep an eye out for three colours :rofl:

Hola Javier and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

I look forward to you hopefully sharing your playing.

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Hola y bienvenido, Javier :smiley:

I’m glad the YT algorithm finally brought you to the right place.
It is a bit of a black hole (or Hotel California)-
Once you enter, it’s impossible to leave :wink:

Which begs the question: What, exactly, is he building?

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Greetings Javier and a very warm welcome to the community.
Multi-coloured genderised cats? How about this? A cut-out and keep game for all the family.




JCA, you are more than welcome to share links to your kit. You may even want to start either a Learning Log here #community-hub:learning-logs in which you share links and experiences in building it. Or maybe a Topic here #gear-tools-talk:amplification-effects

When it comes to links the only area we are more considered about is links to other guitar teachers and learning resources. This being the JustinGuitar Community links to resources to supplement Justin’s courses is OK but directly competitive marketing is not appropriate.

I would love to check out the link. A kit is a good idea if you are a beginner. I probably have more than enough parts, so just need a schematic I can adapt to what I have.
Even 2-3 watt in a tube amp will be quite capable of getting loud. Couple that with a 12” 98db sensitivity speaker it will be solid. I bet it will be fun! Gentle enough not to tick off the wife, but loud I’m a room if you want to rock.

Welcome Javier. Glad you found Justins course, it will have you on the right track to progress.

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The kit I got is this one MadAmp G3 Blues.

I was reading a lot about tube amps and the main problem I found was getting the components on a budget. As there wasn’t in just one store the cost grows so found this one as the first bite to a really interesting field (who knows may after this one I could build a British @ 5w with two channels).


The cats’ joke has been well received. I love it.

Thanks for the welcome!

@SgtColon Hi, Stefan thanks for the welcome! I’ll try to begin to record myself, I’m a bit scared, but definitely, I think is the best way to improve.

@brianlarsen Hi, Brian. Yep, I think that YT finally nailed it! :smiley: Thanks for the welcome!

@skinnyt Hi, Trevor. Thanks for the welcome!