Just started module 11 - first go at recording a song containing the dreaded F chord

O.K. - I admit I did a couple of short broken off attempts as recording software was just recording me and not the backing track.
Then all once I got both, it was all on one track so I could not adjust panning and volume individually. ( @DavidP :slight_smile: )

So third or fourth go, not all the F 's are good but I think some are good and some are OK while some got a string or two muffled a bit in the chord change, muscle memory not quite there though I am starting to do F 's without looking…

I really struggled with the F. But starting to get there now. I started module 9 in May.

I see Justin said to have a song with an F before moving on from module 11.
I did say when I started consolidating module 10 that I would post a song with F when I started module 11. That was late July.

I kind of wanted to get a bit more to grips with the F before going on from module 10.

Pleased the APP still has this song.


Sounded solid to me…I think I noticed one muted F in the whole song, which is impressive.

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That is a completely muted F, there are a few with one or more muted strings, thanks.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Excellent progress on your F work, Geoff. Over 4 minutes is a long time to stay in the groove and all the more challenging when you have F in the progression.

Sure there were a couple of hiccups, some perhaps unintended variance in dynamics (how loud or soft the chord was played) but as a benchmark and showcase of progress made, I think you can be well pleased and proud.

Enjoy module 11 and keep playing songs with F as you do.

Have to say I chuckled to be called out on the recording of separate tracks and the panning and levelling in the mix … fame or infamy, I’ll have to live with either :laughing:

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Great work Geoff, you’re on your way.
I consider myself to be pretty solid around barre chords by now and from time to time one comes around that doesn’t sound great, just gotta shake it off and keep rocking!

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Good job nice steady strumming throughout the song! I tend to barre my F chord Hendrix style as i find it easier!!!

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Nice one Geoff! I have spent some time attempting this song too, and the changes are not easy. It sounds to me like you’re doing just fine.

Keep up the good work mate. :grinning: :+1:

If you wouldn’t mind a little suggestion, there’s a lot of echo/reverb here, and that can make it harder to pick up on the little things to be improved on a listen back. If you’re listening back with the clean signal, and then applying the effects afterwards for the final share, that’s no worries. But if you’re recording and monitoring yourself with the effects in place, it’s possible you could be missing out on some useful observations.

I definitely used a lot of echo and verb in my first few experiments with home recording, so I get it, it sounds super cool.

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For the most part it was really solid performance, good stuff.

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Because when plugged into computer interface it all sounded a bit plain when I first started to record ( with previous guitar ) so I got a tube amp modeller and multi effects pedals. This last set to phaser during that recording. I guess that is the echo/reverb you hear.
Yes I practice clean sometimes and with effects others. Mostly record with effects if planning to share rather than listen back to for myself. Though not doing an awful lot of recording to share till I feel I am good enough. Maybe I should share a clean one if looking for advice/guidance.

These recordings are a sort of split up progress log.

So how does that work ?

I need to change settings when I open a new project, to do this, can’t see how to change defaults…

We had a chat about this and software in the not too recent past… :smiley:

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Nice sound Geoff. I do agree the FX may make it harder to comment on how you played.

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Sounded good Geoff. Well done.

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Nice work Geoff. Those F’s sounded good to me. You kept the rhythm well and tidy changes. What is not to like.

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Thanks - was a good attempt for timing which sometimes wanders a little.
Just a few “badly formed F chords”…