Justin App: 150 new songs but how many less? (Heroes / Bowie gone)

Just checked the app and was looking for my fav song David Bowie “Heroes”.
The song has disappeared although it’s such an iconic one and easy for beginers.

It has been replaced by Rebel Rebel, but I don’t see the point of playing it in struming as the whole song is based on a riff.

I think we are being abused here.
The licensing of songs is for most of them just an excuse. To present “new songs” some are being removed , and the sole reason for this is your app budget for licensing. So you are in fact rotating them. Why don’t you say it clearly?


@MusopiaApps have actually been quite responsive and transparent about the licensing situation.

Having followed Rick Beato’s YouTube channel and the ongoing problems he has with license holders, I find Musopia’s explanations highly plausible.


Hi Rick, we’re really sorry that a lot of songs have been removed and we are just as upset that we have had to remove some tracks from the app as our users are, especially after spending lots of our time curating them for learning modules.

Unfortunately, this is not a case of budget and more that the holder of the licenses for the removed tracks instructed us to remove them and we have to abide by their wishes to avoid legal action being taken. We are trying everything we can to negotiate a deal to get them back to the app but this is a very long process with many parties involved and could take some time before any progress is made.

We have added 600 new tracks to the app already and we plan to release even more new tracks from alternative license providers to ensure that every app user can find songs that they enjoy whilst we are working on getting the old tracks back.

Once again we are truly apologetic for this and we hope you can understand that we are doing our best on this matter :slight_smile:

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Hi Tbushell,
which video of RB are you refering too?
For sure Music Editors spending million on buying catalogues ( Dylan, Bowie, Springsteen) and music being run by financial corps for the past 30 years, plus on top of that a concentration of the big 3 ( Warner/sony/Universal:
they will be looking for a high R.O.I. for the share holders, then milking everything they can with licensing.

Until nobody uses it, and the music dies- this is whats happening with all finance run companies: suck the blood and leave the corps dead, on time to get their bonuses

Can’t point you to a specific one…he talks about “blockers” in several of his videos.

Hello, thanks for your answer.
So If I understand well you’ve been having licensing issues for months and it is still not fixed and it’s getting worse? So well this is your core business and it is not fixed for months?

Second, you still don’t answer the question:
How many songs more but How Many disssapeared for each release?

Eric, we hear that you are angry about this, but as mentioned above, this has to do with licensing and neither Musopia or Justin is in control of all of that.

I am not sure why you think they should be able to resolve this in a manner more to your liking more quickly. I am quite sure they understand the nature of their business and would like all this to be resolved.

I am also not clear why you need the information you request. What is your goal?

Maybe consider consulting with Musopia if you think you have better ideas than they do.

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