Justin App Layout

I am confused and frustrated with the changes to the layout to the songs tab. The Tab seems very " busy which makes it slower to navigate to my favorites. The extra items such as Moods, Themes and Genres seem superfluous and redundant.To me its less efficient in getting to what i was working on .It seems like the App on my cell works differently than on my tablet.The Bottom line is that takes time away from practice .I guess I am from the " if it aint broke dont fix it school"

In contrast, the recent updates to the song page are pretty much in line with the feedback I sent Musopia in the recent survey. (Obviously they were already working on it, given how recent said survey was.)

The Favourites section is just one tap right at the top of the page, so I’m not sure how you are finding that “slower” than the drag-down-tap-more-rinse-repeat-numerous-times method that was used previously. And the addition of custom playlists we can arrange and sort is a fantastic addition, as is the superior search system.

I generally agree with the old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but not in the context of never trying to improve things just to satisfy those who dislike adapting to change.

Hi Miguel,

Please see post Version 3.2.0 released Jul 1, 2022 - improvements / songs gone

Musopia are currently reviewing the feedback users have given on that post.

Can’t argue with " adapting to change" because thats 100 percent true. .I accept the indirect critique,I know " I am one of those" who struggle. I appreciate and accept your feedback. My trigger is the inability to continue working On " Wish you were here" ." I wish I knew where" you Have gone? Pun is intentional