Version 3.2.0 released Jul 1, 2022 - improvements / songs gone


I did not realize this when I posted about the update. Unfortunately, other users are reporting that staying with the old version does not solve the problem.

I’ve always been a big booster of the app, but this is extremely disappointing.


I just updated it, and it looks pretty good! I’ve only tried it on my old iPad Pro so far.

The long waits to switch to Songs are much better now, and the song filtering and searching has been improved. I found several songs I want to learn that were there all along, that I hadn’t seen before.

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Thanks Tom. I just updated and user interface looks better for the song search. I noticed that the “Playlists”. When I looked at it there was already one generated called “Your Favourites”. A quick look at it showed 4 songs of which one I never heard of called “mendocino” so went to give it a play and it fails to load. Tried the other three songs on the list and they worked fine.

The song section is much faster on Bluestack emulator. That’s a good improvement. Also, the song discovery is a nice feature. Good improvement on the user interface side and performance.

On the downside, many songs missings in the module section. :frowning:

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Looks like most of my favorites are missing. some just not tagged and some missing. Guess i have to learn some new songs.

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Love the new updates! The thing I love the most is the new song search and selector, leaps and bounds better than it used it be. Plus it is much quicker. I like the playlists too. It is a much needed feature. Keep the improvements coming! (power chords in chord search, strumming pattern shown on song play screen, lead in count set, …hint hint)

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That might be a bug. Suggest you make a list of missing songs and report it here or to the developer.

My edit to the lead post in this topic.

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After I updated the app, I lost a couple off songs on my favorites. No more Metallica and no Shallow from a star is born. Maybe more songs not on the app anymore , but I have to find out. Lots of new songs on there.
But annoying when you are practicing any of the songs that are discontinued.
Sorry, had to ventilate my frustration.
Overall I’m happy with it.


@MusopiaApps please take note of this item


We don’t handle the incident management for the app ourselves, it is managed by Musopia, the publisher of this app:

You can report bugs/technical issues here:

You can also email

I was pretty excited to see songs like Paranoid and Dream On appear today, only to find they only midi style versions. Better than nothing, but after being accustomed to the full backing band songs on the app, it’s a touch disappointing.

More annoying is songs disappearing without notice like Toni mentioned.
No more Nothing Else Matters for me.
I guess this is a rights issue, Metallica have a new deal with yousician, which might explain it.

Edit: All Right Now by Free gone as well. Jeez.

Have been using the Justin Guitar app for a few months. I had about 150 songs selected as favorites. After latest upgrade, a third of the songs are no longer available. Very frustrating. Anyone else notice the difference?


Yep someone else, looks like a song licencing issue

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@dwmcrow @RobDickinson

Thanks for the feedback, guys.

Here is an update from Musopia:


We’re really sorry that some songs are missing from the songplayer at this moment in time. We’ve refreshed our song catalogue & licensing to be able to add even more songs to the app in future.

We are scheduled to add hundreds of songs to the app in July and August and we have already replaced some of the older tracks with 400 new rock songs.
Following on from this, we have implemented plans to add serious number of country & pop songs to the app every 2 weeks increasing the overall song library.

We hope you can understand and that you enjoy the hundreds of songs that are available to you. Please ensure that your push notifications are active so that you are informed when new songs are ready to learn and rock out to!

If you’d like to request that your favourite songs are added to the app, we take song suggestions on our Upvoty board and you can post them here… Login

cc @MusopiaApps

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@MusopiaApps Well don’t mind me saying, but if this is how it’s going to be. I seriously consider to move my business elsewhere. I’m working on some songs that suddenly not available anymore. Not even brown eyed girl or wish you were here. Very disappointed.
New songs are fine , but don’t know any of them. I rather pay some more than how this is working out


Just logged on to app and you are right it has been updated and Brown Eyed Girl has gone. It was one I have been working on to pass Grade 1. Thankfully I am past the stage where I need the app for that song. The others are still there thank goodness.
Michael :-1:

PS Brown Eyed Girl is a very good song for beginners, easy repetition of chords @DavidP

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@DavidP don’t want to shoot the messenger, but I’ve lost pretty much all my favourites ( only 8 remain) including all the things I was working on.

The ‘songs for module 8’ lesson lists 8 songs, of which only 3 remain in the app.

To make matters worse, the app won’t even load on my phone. Very disenchanted.

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That would explain why the app modules do not include the “Songs for Module #” lessons.

@DavidP @Richard_close2u
It does not really help matters when those following the lessons on the website you see in the Songs for Module lessons a list of songs saying “Here are some songs in the APP that I recommend you check out” unless the list is maintained. This is difficult for the team to do as the songs available are dependent on region.

Therefore, it might be worth Musopia reviewing the “Song for Module Lessons” for Grades 1 and 2 and advising the team accordingly to ensure that the learn more section of these lessons are up to date and then notifying the team of any changes in the future song changes. Similarly, it would be good if Musopia could also take a look at the song list on the website and filter by Beginner Guitar App and advise the team of any changes in their song directory that impacts on this list so that the team can update the website. That way at least the website would be given the correct information especially when the website promotes the app.

It may also be useful if the website or forum included an app update where Musopia could give some periodic news updates on the app e.g. new features, song changes, technical issues.

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Yes but for how long. They good be gone tomorrow. Do we have to put it all on paper before it’s gone? That would not even be a problem, if they let us know before they change it.

Ok enough.
Negative mode off.
Have a nice day all


Thanks for the comments and observations @Socio I have asked the team including @larynejg @Fanny_JustinGuitar_Team to look at your post.
I will also tag
@MusopiaApps @Musopia


@ToniMacaroni yeah I expect I’ll get over it (in a year or two) :joy:

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