Justin Guitar Jams

I’m clueless about a great many things (just ask my sons)… including the Justin Guitar Jams. From a ‘lesson’ standpoint… what am I supposed to be doing with them? Perhaps I should set them aside until I am less of a beginner?

play scales and leads over them.

@newstrings Thanks for drawing attention to this, I’d not realised they existed.

Where would we expect to be in the course to be familiar with the scales and modes that are being referred to, for example on this volume - Jam Modes Vol. I: Guitar – JustinGuitar Jams

I’m currently deep in Grade 2 and have been doing in person jamming sessions but lack the theory to understand scales and modes. Instead I’ll play by ear, then noodle or walk around the fretboard until I find something that sounds like it works with the person I’m playing with. Would it be a requirement to understand the theory on the description Justin’s Jams, or could we just dive in?

Are you comfortable soloing using the Major scale all over the neck. If not don’t even think about modes. They are used in a very specific way and would be a waste of your time.
Here’s Justin take on it

@stitch Thanks for the link to the video. So far I’ve learnt the Em Pentatonic, C Major and Am Pentatonic via the app and have experimented with creating different mini melodies (solos?) on the looper that I can then play back to. When jamming I’m becoming comfortable picking out melody up and down the neck. I’m not consciously choosing any of those scales though when jamming, instead it’s all lead by ear. I find myself initially picking out individual notes that work with the backing chords that are being played in the jam. From there I’ll then start experimenting across the different strings around a few frets to see which pattern of notes work, once I’ve done this I’ll then starting picking out a melody from those notes. Once I’ve got a sense of a melody I’ll then try to find where else on the neck to be able to play it. I’m not sure if any of this makes sense? I’ve kind of stumbled into doing this outside of the lessons. So, I’m not so much as looking to learn scales as much as finding new ways to be able to practice creating solo melody from a piece of music that can be responded to. It’s been where I’m finding the most joy out of playing guitar over the last year.

Would the Justin Guitar Jams be a good fit for that?
Or are they a curve ball aimed at creating solos from specific scales that I’ve not yet learnt?

It may be a little advanced but you are already playing at what Justin discusses in his music theory live #2 class.

I think you would gain a lot by starting his music theory course, listen to his two music theory live videos and then stop and think about what you are doing by ear, see what notes you are choosing and why. This will probably help a lot, bringing some understanding that can help you take it farther.

Do consider though that this is pretty far beyond “deep in level 2”, so build up slowly.

Thank you @Jamolay - that’s a good shout to pick up the music theory live classes. Once I’ve worked out an improvised melody there are definitely shapes I used to find my way around - I’m just not very sure what relationship those shapes have to scales. It would be good to try and link this up.

Maybe I’ll take a punt on one of the Justin Guitar Jams for mucking about over, if I’m in over my head (likely!) I’ll park it to come back to.