JustinGuitar YouTube Community Livestream :)

OK, so I have been dilly dallying around doing this for ages - time to bite the bullet and make it happen!! :slight_smile:

  • July 29, Saturday, 7:30pm (UTC+1, UK time) *

10 performers will get the chance to play 2 songs each, live on my YouTube channel. I’ll top and tail the show and be the host.

I’m going to use StreamYard, because it works well for me. I know some of the community have reservations about it vs the community open mics, but this is a different vibe… it’ll be a significantly larger audience I suspect!

Performers MUST have played on at least one Community Open Mic!

If you would like to play then please express interest below, if there are more than 10 people interested then I’ll choose based on discussions with the mods - and experience and quality of previous performances!

We’ll do a 30 min soundcheck from 7pm and flick it live at 7:30 :slight_smile:

So who is in???

So yeah, I don’t post in ages and then drop this bombshell…


That sounds awesome! I would do it if I wasn’t busy that day =[

Question though as I know some community members do this too, normally I’d play with a full backing track (drums, vocal, bass) only sans guitar in a our community open mics. Not something I’d do if we’re playing in a live open mic. Is that okay for this?

Daddy’s home! :smiley:

OK, I’m sure there are loads of folk already seen this and wondering: “Should I? I’d love to but don’t want to be pushy/bigheaded…” :thinking:
Throw your name in the hat peeps. Justin can draw names from a hat or ‘curate’ the lineup he wants when he has volunteers.
I’ve already played the two previous Streamyard open mics, so am very happy to take a rain check on this one. The purpose of signing up is to demonstrate willingness/enthusiasm/support (not to mention pushy bigheadedness :rofl:)
I can offer my usual strum ’n’ sing standard. Nothing fancy. Nothing new I’m afraid…


Sounds like a great night Justin unfortunately/fortunately ( and because of your great lessons) I’m gigging with the band that night. Hope it’s a great night and look forward to watching on catch-up.

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@brianlarsen you have to go for this!!!

Would love to give it a go. But im away that day :rofl:
But the whole thing sounds awsome! :+1:

Rod’s name is in the hat! Whether it gets pulled is up to y’all.:sunglasses:…. Rod


I would be interested in playing. I’m also happy to step aside if needed :grinning:


Brilliant! I’m up for it, although haven’t played in a Community OM in a while.

Will step aside if needed and cheer from the audience :slight_smile:


I’ll put my living room refurb on hold for this, count me in! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I have a good one being cooked for a while :smiling_imp: Second song I will either play something I know already or learn a relatively simple one. Although in a good Community spirit happy to crack on with my refurb plans… I mean happy to step down :laughing:

+1 here any rules at all?


I will play if there is room. :star_struck: :star_struck: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


@AlexisDuprey @Brianlarsen @Rod58 @Jenndye429 @KevinKevan @adi_mrok @Malz

All names duly noted.


Its been a bit for me since I’ve done an open mic. Am I correct all performers are doing 2 songs or is the 2nd optional? Are you looking for more ‘polished’ performers (guitar with vocals and or backing tracks) or is a strumming song good enough?

@John_in_Dot 2 songs - yes … that is the format for the livestream this time.
Backing tracks?
Mmhh … we need to check for any potential issues with Justin on his channel.
Watch this space.

Hi Richard, will it be allowed for both Lara and myself to perform? Lara has only played at the OMs thus far. She is in process of joining and will upload a video shortly.

+1 for Mal’s question. I was planning on having Dan drumming with me as usual.

Yes and yes.


Thank you Richard.

I am keen for this! Put my name in the hat please.


Fantastic idea. Count me in as a viewer and provide. If you would please a link when you have one this idea smells like a winner to me.

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Great idea, I’d be very keen to perform if it wasn’t at 4am Sydney time. Hope it goes well and I look forward to a more east coast AU friendly time if it’s done again.