JustinGuitar YouTube Community Livestream :)

Consider my hat in the ring! The other OM times haven’t worked for me and the current July and Aug times don’t work for me either but this one would and I’d love to have the chance!


I’m at JustinGuitar’s service but I’ll have to check our vacation plans first :smiley:

@tony Tony, I’ve made a point of talking about the timing every now and then. I am a big supporter of running some events that are ‘east coast AU friendly’. I even spoke about running OM-East and OM-West, with members in EMEA being able to choose based on personal convenience.

And we did run one such event. The driver of the timing is based on accommodating the performers, based on the majority.

While we do have significant number of active people in Australasia, few have signed up to perform in the events, hence the timing being friendly to members in EMEA and USA/Canada.


Thanks David. Appreciate your comments. Keep doing the great job you are doing.


Would love to play as part of this. Thanks

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Any updates on this? Just want to make sure I didn’t miss any messages.

Jen and I would have loved to do this. Unfortunately we will be out of town visiting family and friends back home.

I haven’t seen any

It is just open and running at present with this topic as an announcement and call for interest.
We have ten names down on the list so far and are happy to receive more offers from people wishing to be considered for a performance slot.



A newbie :dizzy: is here. I still have to perform in Community Open Mic :guitar::guitar::boom::boom::cupid::cupid::love_letter:

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I would love to do this if there is still a spot. If not, maybe next time. I’ve done four open mics


Oh dear! Looking forward to watching this but we’re now flying on the 29th. :disappointed_relieved:


Now that the July Open Mic event has taken place, it is time to bring this coming LiveStream right into central focus of people’s attention.

So far we have expressions of interest to take a performer slot from the following good people:

  1. @AlexisDuprey
  2. @Brianlarsen
  3. @Rod58
  4. @Jenndye429
  5. @KevinKevan
  6. @adi_mrok
  7. @Malz
  8. @jkahn
  9. @jestersea
  10. @rodreilly

There are ten slots available. If no more people put their name forward then no difficult decision needs to be made as to who gets the nod and who misses out.
That said, there may be people who want us to have to make a difficult decision, who missed this announcement for some reason and would like to jump in also.

The event is July 29 … just 20 days.

The final deadline date for any further expressions of interest to be a performer is Wednesday 12 July at 12pm UK time (UTC +1).
Expect an finalised announcement later next week.

All ten people on our list so far - I would like you to anticipate that you will be a performer and to take the next 20 days to plan, prepare, rehearse etc.




That’s a good looking lineup, right there! :clapper:

If anyone is taking requests I’d like Brian to do the Hippy Hippy Shake. With a nod to his recent experience!


I actually won’t be able to participate as I’ll be out of town and away from my equipment that week end. :frowning:

Oh boy … embarrassingly I somehow missed your post David. I will add you to the list.

Thanks to Brian for spotting what I missed.

Update …


there we go! Is there any technical difficulty about StreamYard that us noobs should know about?