JustinGuitar YouTube Community Livestream :)

@KevinKevan Streamyard is just another platform to broadcast live video events to an audience. Justin hosts a ‘green room’ which only he as host and the performers get to enter. THis is where he will do a pre-event chat and soundcheck etc. You can opt to hang out in the green room with the other performers through the event, or dip out to join in the general stream and chat on youtube. If you have two computers / devices (with mute on if / when appropriate) you can maybe be in both at the same time. Although that needs confirming with someone who has been there and done that.

You can Richard, though there is quite noticeable lag between the two. Having been a performer and assistant in the green room, I recall finding the audience experience to be best on YouTube in the live stream.

Any update about backing track ? I will not perform in this livestream. But, it’s something that I’d like to know for future events. :slight_smile:

And I wouldn’t mind about finding out for this event as a performer :joy:

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You guys are all legends stepping up for this, I tip my guitar towards you :slight_smile:

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Should be my sunday morning, so hopefully be able to catch up with you all!


News just in from Justin.

He is okay if people do use a backing track if they need one to perform a song. He expressed a preference for people playing without but is cool if you do choose to use one.


Another reminder - if you are interested in being considered then you have just a few days to decide.

Roll up
Roll up
The circus is coming to town

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For the attention of all potential performers and those who have already thrown their hat into the ring for consideration … namely

  1. @AlexisDuprey X
  2. @Brianlarsen
  3. @Rod58
  4. @Jenndye429
  5. @KevinKevan
  6. @adi_mrok
  7. @Malz
  8. @jkahn
  9. @jestersea
  10. @rodreilly
  11. @skeletor83

This goes to the heart of a question asked by @John_in_Dot

We are looking for people willing to join in the event as a performer no matter what their ability level. There is no minimum guitar skill level needed to take part. You may be a one-per-bar cowboy chord strummer or you may be able to play something with more advanced technical challenge. That is not the important aspect.

What is important is that these events are live streamed on Justin’s Youtube channel and posted there in that public domain for anyone and everyone to see. The rationale behind them is complementary to but subtly different o the Open Mic events.
Open Mics are closed events and their potential audience - although posted publicly - is limited to Community members mainly.

Justin’s channel has global reach to many, many people. He would like and hope that performers offer up a performance which does themselves justice, of which they can take personal satisfaction, and which can demonstrate that learning online as a JustinGuitar student can enable people to learn to play

On his behalf can I therefore ask that all performers dedicate a corresponding amount of time preparing and practicing and rehearsing over the next couple of weeks. Make this your overriding musical focus. For your own sake’s as well as Justin’s. You will feel a pressure and an anxiety when your turn comes around. The more sweat, blood and tears you give in advance, the more chance you will give yourself of doing your own best job.



Hi Richard,

Will this be a one off, or will this be a recurring thing?
I would love to do this in the future, but will most likely not be able to attend this one.

We have had two previous live streams though they have been sporadic rather then occurring with a set regularity.
There will be more.
There are regular (approximately six weeks) Open Mic events of course.

Thanks Richard.
Yes I’ve just done my first Open mic last Saturday, which was a great experience.

Yes, of course, sadly I had to miss taking my seat in the audience - I am looking forward to the recording.

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To add to what Richard shared. I would suggest that one chooses songs to play that are within your comfort zone. If it is appropriate, ideally songs that you’d be comfortable to play if somebody put a guitar in your hands and asked you to play a song at a gathering.

Eruption it is then :smiling_imp: j/k

I’m looking forward to the event, I am surprised there are not more hats in the ring though.


I’ll look forward to that!

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Unfortunately the date doesn’t work me (back off hols and straight out to a gig) but having done the very first one (in fact I think I performed first?) it’s a good experience. Definitely go with the advice offered by David and Richard. If you’ve done the OM a couple of times you should have no problems.

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Really looking forward to this. Should be a fun event.

@Richard_close2u Just one song right?

Rod - the invite is for ten performers doing two songs each. Is two songs good for you if you a performer?

Sure - I will rehearse for 2 songs. Thanks

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