Kathy's Song

OK - thought I’d post something acoustic. Trying to get the fingers working again.
Using a condenser mic for this one, so all the vocals through that, via my focusrite 2i2 into Garageband. The guitar is mostly through the LR Baggs anthem but some is being picked up with the mic too.
Added an extra couple of beats when I forgot the words, but the joy of playing without a band is you can mostly get away with that :slight_smile:



Well played and sung, Paul.

I’d be inclined to bring up the vocal just a wee bit, or perhaps better drop the guitar given the guitar bleed on the vocal track. But as always, caveat that by noting mix levels are subjective and I could hear both guitar and vocal clearly.

Well played and sung Paul. Lovely song, thanks for sharing.

Hi Paul. Never heard this song before, but it was very beautifully fingerpicked and sung mate.

Ooo my Paul,
That was so so lovely :sunglasses: :man_bowing: BIS BIS BIS :man_bowing: :clap: :clap: :clap:
From the room behind me my wife also shouts “beautiful” :smiley:

Thanks David, I’ll think about the mix a little more on the next one

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Thanks Malz!

Hi Sandro, thanks for the comments. It’s a wonderful tune, always liked it

Thanks Rogier, and my thanks to your wife too!

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I think ya got them fingers working real good Paul.
That was a real fun listen Paul.
You did that song justice for sure.
Very nice. And ya picked a real good song to do too. That’s a real easy song to like. Like much of Simon & Garfunkel are.
Just great music.

I’ve been here long enough to see a couple of your videos now.
Since your doing videos, which is above me. My only suggestion would be is to either put the camera in ft. of you or spin yourself 90* clockwise and face the camera. I can’t see how your finger picking or where your fretting hand is.
I’m actually very impressed with your video. I really need to figure out how to do a video along with good audio. You’ve got that figured out good. If I want good audio and gotta do it w/o video as I got no great camera and even if I did, I’d not know how to mix the two.

Thanks for sharing that Paul. I enjoyed that a lot.
You play and sing real good!

Paul that was really well played and sung! I really enjoyed the listen.
One suggestion, if I may. Try to place the camera above or below the sheet music for a front on focus so your strumming and fretting hands are more visible.

Thanks for the kind words Jim.
I use an iPhone for video and record audio into GarageBand. I then use iMovie to stitch the two together. Only difficulty is getting the two synced… I tend to clap at the very beginning of the recording and use that to sync the two.

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Thanks Robert, appreciate the kind words.
I’ll have more of a think about setting up next time.

Terrifically played and sung Paul. It’s a beautiful song and you did it justice.
I’d echo the comment about camera position. As this is a guitar tuition site we are always keen to study other peoples fretting and picking techniques.
Well done. I really enjoyed that listen.

Thanks for the kind works Gordon, I’ll definitely rethink my video set up!

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Some great fingerpicking and it was well sung. For me to I would prefer a straight one camera shot so I could see your technique a bit better, might pick up some tips.

That was fantastic Paul. Really enjoyed how you played that and great vocals also. Excellent!

Thanks Trevor

I honesty don’t think you’re missing much, my technique is nothing to write home about, but I’ll rework the set up next time!

Thanks Eddie!

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As a big PS fan this Paul singing Paul is really a treat.

Awesome playing friend, such a great control and the sweetest flow.
I’m truly impressed as I’m not easily touched by the sound of a guitar but this blows me away.
Absolutely caputred Pauls vibe and I must admit I might even be a bit envious :wink:

Great performance, absolutely loved it

detail: vocal track could be a little louder indeed