Keep hitting wrong strings

I’ve been noticing this problem a lot, its so strange especially since a few months ago it stopped happening, but now its just back somehow? Another thing im noticing is that when im going through a scale slowly (to try and fix this) my hand will just stop sometimes. Like say I just played the D string. When the metronome clicks, my hand just doesnt move. I know it sounds weird but idk how else to explain.

Back to hitting the wrong strings; is there any specific video or exercise I should do?

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Doing the scale slowly and deliberately making your fingers hit the right string is the only effective way to fix the problem.

Your probably over thinking the scale your brain and fingers aren’t in sinc. Try letting your finger just do what they should do without thinking. I know that sounds ridiculous but sometime your finger will know what to do even if your brain disagrees.

Hi @butterdogg

If I read correctly, there are two problems you mention : hitting the wrong strings, and your hand not following your brain (or the reverse). I assume therefore, that you are playing with a plectrum (Hitting the wrong string) although it also happens with fingerstyle. Definately a right hand problem. And you mention, your hand / fingers not following or just stopping . That sounds more like a left hand problem, as you mention playing scales?

Anyhow, apart from going back to basics (e.g. slowing down by a lot, and getting it right, before you try and speed up again), you might also change from trying to play the same scale, to varying what you play, if you must play scales. Try and vary your scale practicing by introducing various scale patterns, e.g rather than playing C D E F G A B C, you might do a C D E D E F E F G F G A G A B A B C instead, or a C E D F E G F A G B A C up and down, to break the error patterns that you have introduced in your playing, by repeating C D E F G A B C all the time.

Remember Justin’s Mantra : Practice makes permanent. :wink:

Good Luck!

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Tjeerd nails it. Dont keep practicing doing it wrong but quickly.

Answer to almost everything in here is slow down, do it right, speed up gradually.

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