Kevin's Learning Log


Just stumbled across the Learning Logs, and it seemed really like a great Idea. I don’t know what I am supposed to write here, but here is a start:

To sum things up:

:guitar: Gear

  • Acoustic: Ibanez guitar
  • Electric: Squier Bullet Strat HSS BSB (Sunburst)
  • NUX Mighty Plug Pro
  • yep - that’s it :smiley:

:star2: Longterm Goals:

  • Feel confident playing a large number of Jazz standards
  • Play percussive fingerstile songs
  • Be able to Improvise freely and to jam with others

:dizzy: Midterm Goals

  • Learn Pentatonic Scales 2-5
  • Learn 6 Jazz Standards by heart
  • Finding the motivation to do Ear-Training (I just hate it >.<)
    - Learn 6 Fingerstile songs by heart (done)
    - Learn Extended Chords with different Roots (done)
    - Finish All Positions of the major scale (done)

:warning: Actually Working on:

  • Record all Songs I know by heart
  • Learn Jazz Standards and Theory behind

Modules, Log :

  • Grade 3: Look through the new Stuff Justin released
  • Grade 5: Partially open, have to finish the Blues soloing stuff
  • Grade 6: open, doing right now
  • Grade 7+: open
    - Modules 1-4: Done

Music Theory, Log :

  • Grade 5: stuff for scales still open
  • Grade 7+: open
    - Grade 1-4: Done
    - Grade 6: Done

:notes: Recorded Songs:




_Fingerstile, Folk

  • Waltzing Matilda
  • Ashkan Farewell
  • Greensleves

_Fingerstile, Blues

_Fingerstile, Lofi/HipHop


Nailed it, Kevin. That’s spot on. Some folk also post pictures of their instruments.

And as you progress you post replies to the Topic to keep it up to date.

Good stuff Kevin. Keep at it, it’s fun fun fun

Terrific start Kevin, looking forward to keeping a track on how you get on but looks like a really nice set of goals you’ve set yourself there.

14.07 Little update:

  • started to learn Misty (let the suffering begin! :crazy_face:). First I’ll do the Justin-Version, and then learn the fingerstike: klick!

  • also I finished to “Autumn Leaves”, but I will only post it here, to not spam the Recording Section :wink:


Hi Kevin,
I can say a lot about it, but I will keep a short summary…WOW :clap: :sunglasses: :bouquet: GREAT

Loved your rendition of Autumn Leaves, Kevin. Again the tone is so good. I think somebody else asked before and maybe I missed the answer but if not would love to know a little more about how you get that tone.

Really cool video effect as well.

I encourage you to post it over in AVOYP, don’t worry about spamming. I think if you were going to post a couple of videos a day for a sustained period that would be a bit much.

Hi David,
Sorry I didn’t saw the reply. Here is my “setup”.

As to the recordings:
Recording really helped me a lot more than I though (as usual Justin is right), because of this - also because it was a lot fun - I wanted to record all the songs I know. I imagine that this would be kind of annoying for everyone else, maybe I’ll do a post for each category to sum everything up.

I’ll a new post vor every new song from then on, normally I need a couple of weeks/ months for each one, so that probably should be alright :smile:

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Thanks Kevin.

Tone sounds great, with just a touch of reverb and the blend of neck and middle pick-ups.

I can’t speak for anybody else but I’ll find it enjoyable to listen to more songs from you, wherever you post them. Personally I think it would be fine to post all the full songs in AVOYP.

Hi Kevin, well laid and focused guitar learning plan. The hours spent playing the guitar are clearly reflected in the the two posts of you I have seen. You have very well controlled touch of the strings to produce the sound you are aiming for. Even if you post all the songs you have listed above I don’t think it would qualify as spam as you are a Justin Guitar student like any of us. Keep working on it (and posting).


  • MISTY: Done
  • 9th/11th/ Diminished Chords: Done

Hello Kevin, I‘ve just listened to your version of Autumn Leaves. It is awesome :star_struck:. And you appear to be very relaxed while playing. Even the video effect is great. I would also like to encourage you posting your videos in the AVOYP section, so that more community members can watch them. There is absolutely nothing to hide :blush:.
Just one little comment on your wonderfully structured learning plan: you wrote about working on/completing various modules. I very much suspect, you meant grades? I was a bit confused, when I read that you wanna complete MODULE 5 (which means, you’re still in grade 1) and then watched your video :thinking:. I guess, you wanted to complete GRADE 5, didn‘t you.
I‘d really love to listen to more songs of you :smiley:.

Thank you so much!
Sorry, the last couple of months I was quite inactive in the forum because of life and stuff, but I am happy to dig deeper into the forum again :slight_smile:

Anyways, here is a little update:

  • I finished the Music Theory Course until grade 6.
  • I am now digging into the jazz modules I’m grade 6, especially the module for Jazz Standards.
  • I am comfortable with the extended chords (9,11,13, Sus) and understand the theory behind. Also, I memorizes most common grips for them.

I really enjoy playing chord melody and fingerstile arrangements. This is why I skipped most of the blues solo stuff and also the modules regarding scales, pentatonics, etc. I understand the concept behind, but as I didn’t wanted to learn solos and wasn’t too interested in blues, I didn’t want to put too much time into that.

I wanted to “force” myself for a time, but then I started that I lost the joy of playing guitar and stopped altogether for a while. This is why I’ll just skip it for now.

What do you think? :thinking:


Hello Kevin, I think, you’ve made the absolutely right decision. There is no sense in focusing on genres you’re not interested in. We cannot learn everything that’s possible on guitar. Our lifetime is simply too short for that.

I’m still at grade 2, so yes, I’m following Justin’s course very strictly, as I’m learning the basics now. I want to tip my toes in every genre and technique available, as that’s the fundament I need to make informed decisions later on.
Should I ever reach intermediate level (and I really hope I do :smiley:), I’ll follow the path of joy - exactly as you’re doing it.

I wish you lots of joyful hours with your guitar and look forward to more recordings from you :hugs:.

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