Key Signatures On Staves

This trick will let you know the key of a song straight away!

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Sharps - Fat Cat Got Dead After Eating Burritos
Flats - Bob Evan Ate Donuts Got Crazy Fat

I have a confusion regarding any key signature with an F# (which is basically all with any sharps).

We indicate a sharp for the key on the first line which makes sense. But why do we not do the same for the last Space which is also F? I know it would make the key signature confusing since it would seem there are two sharps in it but would it not make sense to do this from the point of view of reading a music sheet?

Hi Nic,

It’s enough to add 1 sharp/flat for a given note as they apply across octaves. I.e. The sharp on the 5th line applies to the F note in the 1st space as well and any other F notes that may appear in the given piece.

Was able to find the answer here - G major key signature

Basically sharpening one instance of F sharpens it in any and all octaves. You can easily see this on a software like Guitar Pro.

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Thank you so much Jozsef! That helps clarify my doubt even more!


Once the key signature is defined at the very start of the stave, the only instances where any additional indication is required are:

[for sharp keys]

  • If a note defined in the key as sharp is played as an out-of-key natural or flat, then the appropriate symbol for this is placed in front of that note (which applies to all subsequent recurrences of that note until / unless a new indication is given).
  • If a note, having been played and indicated as a natural or flat then recurs and is played as the ‘in key sharp’ once again, it has a sharp symbol placed in front of it (which applies to all subsequent recurrences of that note until / unless a new indication is given).

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Thank you Richard! That explanation makes complete sense.

I like the sign for the “Natural” (♮) note notation. It looks like it has a little bit of the sharp symbol “#” and the flat symbol “b”.

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So sorry, but this video has several mistakes. The most glaring one are Justin referring to flats as sharps when he is discussing flats.

Go Down And Eat Breakfast For Charlie. Sharps
Fat Boys Eat Apple Dumplings Girls Don’t. Flats
Easy peasy

Ralph, Justin acknowledges a spoken error by writing the correction in the lesson content:

I’m not sure what other error you detect.