Kind of an NGD, with a twist

Today a new guitar arrived. A bit of a story here.

I had some changes in my stable of guitars recently. Up until a couple of months ago, I had two electrics, and two acoustics. My Fender HH Telecaster, Squier Strat, Maton Dreadnought acoustic and Yamaha el-cheapo starter pack acoustic (which sounds alright by the way, and the kids love playing on it).

A month or so ago I realised I hadn’t picked up my Squier all year. So up on Facebook marketplace it went. I ended up selling it to a guy at work.

That opened up an empty guitar hook (the Yamaha lives on the floor so the kids can reach it).

Every day that guitar hook stared at me… “oh, won’t you put something here”. I’ve been interested in a smaller acoustic all year, and tried a few different ones. I’d fallen in love with the “Maton Performer”, which is a mid-sized body with a cutaway, and it’s thin so it’s a lot easier to get around. The fretboard felt basically the same as my other Maton so the transition should be easy.

All of my other guitars I’d bought in person, buying the exact guitar I played. I ended up with some vouchers burning a hole in my pocket, that I could only use online, and having played a couple of Maton Performers already, knowing what I wanted, I ordered one online. It arrived today.

And oh, she looks good. Shifted to centre-stage here.

Some lovely graining in the Bunya top.

Of course at the first opportunity, I sat and played. Felt good, action a little too high, but having had another solid wood Maton I know these guitars acclimatize and over the next few months the neck will change and need adjusting.

After about half an hour of playing, I felt the back of the guitar near the strap pin. Oh, it felt a bit rough, that’s not good. Then I looked.

Oh. The two panels separating. A big old crack along the bottom of it (in the direction of the grain, if you look closely). The binding coming away.


What a let down. I didn’t notice it when I first pulled it out of the case, but the rest of it looked great. The box was fine, it was in a hard case, so I’m not sure how it happened. I think either the box had been dropped directly on its base quite hard or maybe it was damaged before getting packed.

The music shop is being pretty good about sorting it out, they responded really quickly and have lodged their insurance claim already, so I’m pretty confident it will get sorted. Just a real bummer! It took about a week for the guitar to arrive, now I guess it will be a bit longer before I get a fully intact one.

But at least it makes a good story, and I wanted to share those picture of this beautiful (yet damaged) guitar.


Such a shame to read about the issue with it JK but what a lovely looking guitar you have there. I love the sound and tone of Maton’s and there may well be a buy of one a few years down the line for me.

Do you think they’ll be swapping it out or will it be returned for a repair?

Nearly happy NGD for you but I’ll reserve one for you for when you get it replaced/sorted.

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Looks very sweet, love that grain and the colour. I hope the issue gets resolved quickly and you can celebrate it with a proper NGD.

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What a pain…not sure about there but that would be a straight return to the shop either for an exchange or refund. I really wouldn’t want it back.

When I bought my Masterbilt the first one just had a slight chip in the soundhole. I contacted Andertons and they had it collected the following day. Would have sent another same day but didn’t have any in so gave me a refund and I purchased elsewhere. I certainly wouldn’t accept a repair.

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Hope you get sorted JK. There is a lot to be said for playing the guitar first, and for me it is the best method. That being said, the way it seems to be going now buying online is the way it will be, guitar shops seem to be closing all around. At least where I am in York UK, there is a huge music shop nearby, which did cause small music shops to close. But for many I fear small independent music shops are not too easy to find.

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You won’t be disappointed, I’ve tried a lot of guitars in music shops now and I love them. For me it’s the feel as well as the sound (and that both plugged in and acoustically). I’m hoping they replace.

Thanks, yeah I went from an NGD euphoria to a real low when I saw the crack. I’m pretty sure it will get sorted.

Kind of what it seems like with a new guitar, would rather it get replaced. They have said they’ve got another one in stock for when their insurance claim is approved so I assume they’ll be shipping a new one. I’m not keen on having a brand new “repaired” guitar. Our consumer laws are pretty good here, but our shipping is slooooow.

Oh I fully agree Mal, I’ve done that for all my other ones, it was just the 500 aussie dollaroos in online vouchers I had that swung me to buy online as that was as pretty big discount! So I broke the rule.


Thats a real disappointment for you, especially for a Premium guitar. As for buying online–most shops thankfully have very good returns policies nowadays and as a left hander I have to buy online. (6 Hour round trip to try out 3 guitars in stock is not my idea of fun). Hope it gets sorted for you
Not sure i`m allowed to say ( please delete if not ) but Andertons just collect if not happy -no quibble -works for me.


That’s a beauty of a guitar, JK, I sure hope you’re able to sort it out with a replacement. I had thought about a Maton when I was looking for my dream guitar, I’ve seen quite a few on YouTube and in the Community that look and sound great. There’s only 1 dealer in Canada though, and nowhere near me, and no dealers near me in my southern neighbour either. I even checked with my favorite guitar store near Toronto, Cosmos, but they have no plans of stocking them. It turned out okay, I’m very happy with my new guitar. Here’s hoping you’ll be happy again with your new guitar :slight_smile:


What a build up and I was all ready to shout Happy NGD!!! But then got to your last paragraphs :frowning: … Gutted, but good to see the shop are supporting and hope they can sort it out quickly!!

Have to say the use of an empty wall hook to justify a new purchase is a cracker :slight_smile:

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Beautiful guitar, really love the color and the binding! What’s the fretboard made out of?

Too bad about the crack, but glad there’s a way forward for you. Would be devastated if I spent money on a premium guitar and could do nothing about defects.

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Nice looking guitar JT to bad she has to go back.

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Well nothing can be easy but you’ll get it sorted out soon enough. I would’ve done the same thing, and after a little more waiting you’ll have a perfect instrument. The shape and wood type is absolutely gorgeous!

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Dude that sucks! :pleading_face: Gorgeous guitar though! Looking forward to you posting some sweet tunes on the replacement when it’s sorted :sunglasses::+1:

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Thanks Tom, yeah, they’re being good about it so far. I can only imagine being a left hander and not having the pick of the bunch of guitars. I’m in Australia so no Andertons here :slight_smile:

They’re great guitars and really, really common here. In fact it’s harder to find Martin’s and Taylors and they are twice the price of Matons here for the equivalent! A laminate top Martin is more than a solid wood Maton. Your Martin looks great :smiley:

Well I love a good story Mark! And I’d already taken those photos before noticing the crack :rofl:

The fretboard is Ebony, and while I’m at it, neck, back and sides are Queensland Maple (I’m from Queensland), and the top is Bunya. So lots of Australian wood. I think it’s a bit prettier than my other Maton, even though that is technically slightly higher up in the Maton range.

Hopefully the replacement looks just as good. The other ones I’ve seen look pretty similar, although like most solid wood guitars they all have slightly different characteristics.

Lots of waiting for stuff these days, I’m a bit impatient at times but yeah, just waiting some more :smiley:

And maybe next time you’re over here for a surfing holiday you can have a play on it :smiley:. Metal riffs on an acoustic!


Bummer JK! :see_no_evil: guess that can happen from time to time… sure its not dried out wood? That its been in storage in dry climate too long? Hard to belive it had something to do with shipping… ill bet Maton packs up their guitars pretty good…
Anyway. Nice looking guitar, looking forward to see a song with it down the line…

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Well that was a roller coaster of a read, I assume we’ll be seeing a James Cameron movie based on a screenplay of this later in the year!?

What a gorgeous looking guitar shame it has a fault , Im sure it’ll get swapped out.

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I like the way you think, my friend! :metal::smiling_imp:

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That’s a really great looking guitar that’s for sure, shame about the hiccup. I’ll be interested to hear the sound comparison between the two.

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Yeah, it could be a climate thing. I ordered it from a shop in Melbourne, Matons are made in Melbourne, I’m in Brisbane. Still, not sure.

:rofl: It’s about the journey, not the destination. Mission accomplished! I like to tell a good story. Glad it kept you interested Rob.

Hadn’t thought of doing a direct comparo. In person the dreadnought has a lot more bass, more volume. The smaller guitar is a bit brighter but still a warm tone. They having the same strings on them. The larger one has also had a year and a half to open up its tone as well as the wood settled.

I haven’t done a comparison of the pickup sound, I imagine it would be quite similar as they have the same pickups (AP5 Pro), which was one of the reasons I wanted another Maton as their pickups are SO good.

James Kameron, in this case, I guess. :grin: