'Kinda' Nashville Tuning

Try this unique twist on Nashville tuning and add a fresh and inspiring new sound to your guitar playing!


I’m digging it! Nice sound.

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Wow, this tuning sounds really interesting :smiley:.
I’ve got an unused acoustic with very old strings standing in a corner - just gathering dust :see_no_evil:.
Maybe I should take the chance and restring it that way :thinking:.


I’m going to try it! looks very interesting and for a beginner it removes the need to mute the thick E string (.e.e C Chord) without completely removing the thick E like Keef does :slight_smile:

ah very interesting idea indeed; a good excuse to whip out the other, old n cheap acoustic.
It’s going to bring some refreshing fingerpicking patters

Sounds very interesting, I agree. I’m just wondering if this tuning requires a dedicated guitar with a proper setup. The thinner strings put less tension on the neck, so surely you don’t want to swap them with regular strings too often?

Hi Justin Sir :guitar::dizzy:. My Guitar Playing :blush:

@Gagan … your guitar is not in the altered tuning that this topic is all about.


Blues Break The Rules

yas! do it! :smiley: it would be really interesting and fun!

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I feel an excuse to buy another guitar coming….:roll_eyes:


I have 2 twelve strings. This sounds like a good way to mess up a 12 string set of strings.
Other than being able to pan in the studio I’ll just pan 12 string and a 6 string and save the fuss.

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:rofl: that was my thought exactly :laughing:

OK, so I changed the strings but popped the D string. Guess I was tuning it an octave too high. I put the old D back on but kept the thin E string on. I like it! It’s good for most songs unless I’m going a blues riff from Justn’s Blues lessons. As a beginner it frees me from having to worry about muting the thick E string on some chords. I can see Keith Richard’s point that the thick E gets in the way :).