Knocking on Heaven’s Door - My first finger picked song

Well this was quite interesting. Rehearse the song, record it, edit it, post to YouTube. Then realize the mix was all wrong and do it all over again! Lol. So if you saw my earlier post and wondered why I deleted it, now you know why.

I have been playing around with some basic fingerpicking. And I do mean very basic! But I believe this is the first time I’ve actually recorded myself doing it. Also, did you know that Johnny Cash actually recorded the song? I never knew that until today but found it on YouTube. It’s a gem if you were so interested to check it out. Let me know what you think of my cover. Thanks!


This song was my first AVoYP Tosh. I love to hear other peoples interpretation of it. It is such a terrific Dylan song, simple but such scope for different styles.
I really enjoyed your Cash fingerstyle version. Well done.

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Tosh the second you started singing, wow your vocals stopped me in my tracks. I LOVE your vocal delivery. What a glorious voice you have. The playing style suits you and the mood you create.

Anybody finger picks and sings is all good in my book and love the deep voice! Well done brother!…Rod

Your voice is so deep, rich and mellow. Perfect for this song.
Enjoyed it very much.

Toshs that was some fine easy listening singing and playing ,what a voice,well done.

Hi Tosh, that was a pleasant performance! Good job. And what an amazing voice you have. Definitely something special, deep, gentle, powerful. Looking forward to hearing more!

That was fabulous, Tosh. Loved the way you played the song and your vocals always ear candy.

Production wise, I wish the mic stand had been a little more to your right so we could see your right hand. I think you played mostly with the thumb arpeggiating the chords, though maybe some additional notes with the index finger?

Audio wise. I really enjoyed the treatment on your voice. Sounded to me like you added a little reverb. I think maybe the vocal level in the mix could be dropped a few dB from a guitar-vocal balance perspective. As always, that’s super subjective and the mix worked just fine as you had it.

And overall loudness right in the sweet spot for upload to YouTube.

Good job all round!

You have a really great singing voice and the guitar playing is beautiful, a lovely tone and flawless fingerpicking. Enjoyed this a lot.

Hi Tosh,
Nicely done. Guitar sounds good and your first attempt at finger picking came off well. Your voice and singing were deeper than I am accustomed to hearing from you. Good play, good vox and all around goodness!

Keep up the rock’n and all the best,

Hi Tosh,
Enjoyed it very much, and how great that we can hear you a lot louder/better…super… :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: :clap: :bouquet:

Hi Tosh,

Great job with this. I loved the mellow tone of the singing and the fingerpicking version. I still can’t finger pick to save my life lol. Thanks for sharing your progress.

That’s was fabulous Tosh, lovey vocal style. I didn’t see the first “wrong” edit. You might call this basic fingerpicking but it absolutely sets the mood perfectly.
Be very proud, I certainly would be!

That was fantastic. I really enjoyed this version. Your vocals and finger picking were candy to the ears.

What a mesmerising performance. Love your mellow voice.

Hi! I really enjoyed your rendition a lot! The playing and the singing too, your vocals are awesome!

Who needs to go listen to JC when we have Tosh our own man in black !! That was a great rendition sir and some of the great finger pickers only used thumb and index, so all is good in that department. Like Gordon said, so many was to play this and get a good result but that was a really fine performance Tosh. Well done.


That was great Tosh. Great vocals and some sweet fingerstyle as well.

I’m off now to check out JC’s version of it.

Thanks to everybody who replied. I sure do appreciate the positivity in this…umm. virtual room! And for those who asked questions:

@DavidP - I actually intended on a bit more traditional fingerstyle, with the T-12321 method that Justin teaches in the OG beginners course. I think as I got into it I just kind of naturally went back into my Cash thing, with mainly the thumb moving around a bit and then accenting some with the index finger. I guess the good news is I just kind of found myself playing what felt natural and trying to stay in rhythm rather than sticking to one particular pattern. Yes, added some reverb and compression in Audacity. I’ll continue to play around with the mix. I think you’re right that the vocals could have perhaps been dropped a bit. Not my specialty in terms of editing.

@SgtColon - what’d you think of the JC version? I think it’s great!

@batwoman - thank you so much for your continued support. You are too kind!


Sounds great like that, Tosh. Bring the middle finger into action and then you are heading well done the path of how (I think) Mark Knopfler often plays.

One thing I usually do is listen to the final video before I upload to YT. Just a little gap between doing the post-processing and rendering the final video helps me ‘step back’ a bit and listen a little more objectively. Sometimes I then go back and make some tweaks.