Krankheim (original song)

Hi all,

I started playing last year in August and went through beginner grade 1 and 2. I am currently at grade 3 and waiting for new content from Justin.

I was more or less part of a band as a second guitarist before I could even play anything. It’s a German punk rock band called “Krankheim”. We are playing our first gig next weekend at a local music festival:

Below is a video of me playing one of our songs. Do you have any last minute tips for playing live? I guess stage fright is going to be the biggest issue. Right now I am excited and also scared. :sweat_smile:

I want to give a massive thank you to Justin and the team. I wouldn’t have gotten here without your awesome lessons.

If you want to listen to more songs, check out our website: Krankheim. We are also on Apple Music and Spotify and plan to release a full album in June.


Hi Flo,
Haha, learning to play your instrument while playing in a band, that’s old-skool punk right there :laughing:
As someone who experienced the 70s punk phenomenon as a teenager, I am able to appreciate the more ‘delicate’ aspects of your chosen genre as well.
Less than a year experience and you’re already booked for an open air festival, have a presence on Apple and Spotify and an album in the pipeline… and you’re asking for advice?!? :rofl:

Ok, my only advice is the good old: “Just don’t give a … (insert expletive of your choice here)!”
Smile :smiley:
It’s infectious.
(If you can’t smile, sneer. But that’s less fun and harder to maintain)

Alles Gute, toi, toi, toi. Weiter so!
(Hab’ die beiden singles gekauft und 'ne extra portion Spaghetti gespendet fuer den Schlagzeuger :wink:)


Flo that is ace man well done. Being a tad older than Brian I was early 20s when the good old Punk Rock hit the scene in 77, the year I got married. As Brian says great way to learn.
As for tips I can only reflect on the live inline Open Mics we;ve been doing here.
Have fun
Have fun
Have fun
If you make a mistake just keep on going, just jump back in and carry on. No one will notice, the audience will be too busy pogoing !!
Don’t apologise for messing up, keep going.
Channel the nerves into energy, what could be easier its punk after all, Tell those nerve to go “borrow from Brians post” themselves.
Have a blast, have fun, go mental be punk !!

Best of luck, let us know how it all goes.



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You and the band sound great, Flo.

Brian and Toby have summed it up well.

All I’ll add is to remember to breathe. The adrenalin will be pumping and I think some deep slow breathing before hitting the stage will help channel that into performance energy rather than anxiety.

Hope we get to see some video of the show!

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Hi Flo,

Ilistened to your song`s and it was very professional you have found the best way to become very good …a band that performs and now Justin’s lessons are added :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: …no exaggeration this will be 100% okay with your guitar journey…stay away from biting dogs and sharp knives :wink:

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Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. Special thanks to Brian for buying our songs. Wow! :smiling_face: :metal:t3:

I will definitely try to work on that punk attitude. :smile: I’ll let you know how it went and hopefully also have a video of the show.

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Sounding good Flo and you’re rocking the rocker look.

I’m sure you will smash it at your gig. I can’t offer any advice about the gig as I’ve never done one.

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Hi Flo,

Loving the energy in this.
Raw and in your face.
Punk attitude with almost screamo vocals.

Tips for playing live - enjoy it and don’t worry about fluffed lines. :slight_smile:


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Bravo! :clap:

I can only repeat what already has been said. Have fun at your gig!! :metal::guitar:

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Good luck on the show. That’s a pretty decent song. Simple progression and fan-participation style lyrics. I actually like the song a lot. Are there videos of the band playing this anywhere?

Have fun! It’s punk so the goal is for your rhythm guitar, the snare/kick, and the bassist to be one instrument, so follow the kick with the bassist and it’ll be hard hitting and tight!

Good luck and have fun!

I’ve just uploaded some videos of the show: Krankheim – Live at Kult-Ur Open Air 2022

Yea great, I am off for a beer and psych myself for some good old punk. No pogoing or the dog will have a fit !! Hope you had a fun fest !

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