La Mer (Somewhere Beyond the Sea) Jazz standard

Hi, everyone! Long time, first time I’ve been on the new forum. Looks slick! Hope y’all are doing well. When last I posted a few months back, I was in the process of relocating - and that I did. I didn’t have a rig just yet, but I’ve been practicing this tune non-stop. I’ll try to be on a bit more frequently, but work calls! When’s the next open mic? Have a good one! Keep Rockin, all!


Good to see you and hear you again Robert, arriving in fine style too.

That was quite an entrance! Wow, excellent!

Oh yes glad to see you back Robert, what a cracking return in your classic jazzy way to a new Community! Enjoy the new place and glad to have you back :slight_smile:

And yes there is another one Open Mic coming soon actually so would be great if you could join our ever growing list of performers! Below is the link, you can also check out the whole category over from main page dedicated to Community Open Mic events :slight_smile: take care Robert!

Open Mic 008 - Call for interest

Welcome back Robert. Great to hear a jazz/swing standard from you. That was super.
Great to see the multi sticker guitar too! :smiley:

Hello Robert,
Wow that was nice,
beautiful singing voice too. :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
Greetings, Rogier

Nice to see you back Robert :smiley:
No one else can pack so much guitar goodness topped off with super vox into a mere 90 seconds.
Coolio :sunglasses:

Good to see and hear you again, Robert. Really nicely done and the fret work was amazing!

Good to see you here again! Man im just so astonished at how you play and sing very well done!

Hey Robert, that was fantastic. That’s a song that I quite like and you really did it justice with both your playing and vocals. Well done.

Great to see you back again, Robert. Smooth vocal, mind-boggling chords, and the swinging rhythm, simply marvelous!

Dang… great playing! You have a really solid time feel, driving the song throughout. Nice dynamics on the vocals. This is a total nitpick, but I wonder if the vocals could sound a bit more open (if that’s the right word for it). It’s like I want to hear this recorded in a big tiled bathroom rather than a bedroom.

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Bingo! Holding my voice back. People sleeping in other rooms. LOL

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Great to see and hear you again Robert, excellent rendition I really enjoyed it!

OMG. That was amazing. I can’t believe how fast your hands move. Awesome. Would love to see more from you.

That was simply brilliant Robert, loved it.

Glad to see you made in over Robert. Still mesmerising to watch. Bravo!

That was amazing, and inspires me to practice more.