Landslide by Fleetwood Mac Lesson

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Oh the revised chorus your have provided, Please tell me there is a typo between D7/F# and D/F#. On your video time 13:45 minutes you D/F# after G; and time 18:28 minutes you play D7/F# after Am7. Also, the chord sheets does not follow your revised chorus. It doesn’t list when to play D/F#. Please clarify. Thanks.

Great stuff, team Justin! This will do, with the revised chorus. Great work in melding the different guitars. BTW, it’s “Lindsey”!

Thanks very much for (another) great lesson Justin! The Tabs now available on your site were a big help with me following along with the fingerstyle.

I was a surprised after listening and working with the video that the arrangement is setup with 2 guitars. I was hoping that I would have tabs for what was played in your video. Is the arrangement for guitar 2 the closest to the video?