Leaving Marrakesh, another original

Hi all, hope you enjoy this, feedback welcome.


Hey Mal! That was superb for me. After the Sandy Denny song, sounds like you’re really inspired and come up with a great, great song using those lovely sounding chord shapes. At first look I think you found some other chords that fit musically as well. Loved it.

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That was great Mal! I really enjoyed that. I look forward to hearing more of your music.

That was nice Mal! Look forward to your next song.

Well done Mal, I enjoyed that, I’m always impressed by originals. I liked your vocal technique in the song, it suited the ‘story’. Some interesting chord shapes going on there too. Open E shapes up the neck I think, they were very effective. Were you playing them as triads? They gave the song a slight CS & Nash vibe (Marrakesh Express).

Well done on the relaxed facial expression too. :grinning:

Thank you John for the kind words, pleased you enjoyed my song.

Michael, thank you there will be more.

Thanks Rob, pleased you enjoyed the song.

Hi Gordon, thanks for your kind words, I actually felt more relaxed. Yes the E shape up the neck is played as a triad, it provides a lovely lush sounding voice. not what I was going for but will take the CS & Nash vibe ref any day, thank you.

Hello Mal, and Chapeau! for this wonderful original. I really like the melody, the lyrics, your playing and your voice, that suits the song so well :blush:. Thanks a lot for sharing :grinning:.

Fabulous Mal, thank you!

Another good one Mal… :sunglasses: :bouquet: :clap:

Thank you Nicole, pleased you enjoyed it.

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Thanks Mark.

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Thank you Rogier.

Hey Mal, that was great.
Another originals fan here, but that’s outta my league :wink:
Chords, rhythm, dynamics and vocals all worked for me. It might have purely been suggestion by the title but I was already hearing a middle Eastern influence in the intro :laughing:
At the risk of uninvitedly stepping on toes, I was wondering what it might sound like, replacing that decision will be made on the way with something like ‘I’ll let the (sun/ clouds/camel) decide’
You know you have an interesting song when the listener wants to know more about it.
Is it autobiographical?
Makes me want to live in a cave, drinking well water and smoking weed :wink: :rofl:

Hi Brian, pleased you enjoyed the song. Yes it is biographical; my good lady and I travelled to Essaouira, many years ago, 1977 in fact, long before it was commercialized. I like your suggestion on Camel deciding, although it could also be a goat. :grinning: :grinning: The weed was also good :rofl: :rofl:


That was a cracker Mal. Love listening to originals as it is something I would love to get into as I progress. I posted my first original last week but you raised the bar with that one! Take a bow :bowing_woman:!

How cool is that?
Goat is inspirational, adding a surreal quality and sending the listener on an impossible quest :rofl:

Whenever I hear of Morocco/Marrakesh in music, I automatically think of The Ride to Agadir, a fab Mike Batt song that I used to listen to as a teenager. Do you know it?
I ‘borrowed’ it as the soundtrack for one of the clips in my growing up on 8mm thread.
I know- Afghanistan is on a different continent, thousands of miles away, but the Islamic imagery seemed to fit well :laughing:
Hope you don’t mind the hijack)

hi Mal,
really great song!
I liked the interesting non-standard chord sequence. It was beautiful!
guitar playing and vocals are also on top.