Lee(Andertones) visits the Gibson and Gibson Custom Shop

Lee(Andertones) visits the Gibson Factory and Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville

Gibson Electric Guitar Factory

Gibson Custom Shop


I just looked through these videos and it did nothing good for my lust for a Gibson… :money_mouth_face: :moneybag:
Cool to see what goes into making a guitar :blush:

I’ve been watching them in stages didn’t realize how long they were.

I attitude towards Gibson is You either love them or you don’t, If you love them you can afford one. I have 2 (have owned others) and when you compare the price of a Gibson Guitar to other hobbies like Golfing, Mountain Biking or Auto Racing they are a bargain and last a lot longer. My oldest Gibson is 76 years old. It’s the center guitar in my avatar

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Gibson also did a very good series of their own looking at how they make acoustics and electrics. Well worth a watch. I’m pretty sure that Andertons also visiting PRS factory and they’re going to be doing something similar there.

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I already posted the new Bozemen Montana Gibson plant videos here if anyone is interested How Gibson Acoustic Guitar are built