Lesson notes available

no lesson notes appearing. Just says oops sorry there has been an issue

Which lesson(s)?

Grade 3. Intermediate. All of them i think

Bellow the video it says
Oops something went wrong
Type error:e replace all is not a function

Module 15 all lessons. Google.

I’ve just had a look at a couple of Grade 3 lessons and the text in the Learn More section is there.

Which lessons are you looking at and what browser are you using?

Im using google. It’s every lesson

Maybe try clearing your website data and logging on again

Is anyone else experiencing this problem ?

I’m not experiencing this problem but there were issues over the weekend The main website just shows as a blank page which have been resolved.

All good for me on Chrome / Windows 10.
Try clearing cache / history etc and let us know more … screenshots if you can to show what you see.

I’ve just checked 4 random module 15 lessons. All the lesson notes are there. Apple iOS 15.6.