Lightweight guitars for small people - Budget AUD 2000

I want to get my wife an electric guitar - she has a kids one now. But she’s small and has a bad back so she wants a fullsize but light eletric guitar that has a good sound but that won’t break the bank.

Hi Tomas,

Then you have to tell us from when you break the bank, because that is quite personal … for me the weight of a guitar is the most important thing … I now play with a 2.3 kilo ibanez Q54 999 euros … The PRS 2.7kg starts to hurt after 1/2 hour so hardly playing on that nice guitar :cry:

The available guitars from the Q54 that time (4 pieces) were in a weight range min/max 18 grams approximately…
and they are very compact with small and thin body
Succes but above all have fun with the Quest :sunglasses:

With search function lightest guitar Sweetwater

Peach guitars…also weight mention I remember from James his link
Edit:I looked up some numbers in my own archives and adjusted them

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There is light and then there is light. Try a Squier Bullet or Affinity Strat, pretty light. Although not extreme lightweight.

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Considering comfort, don’t forget about scale length;
(the length of the strings between bridge and nut)

A regular strat is 25.5" and a jaguar is 24".
It matters a lot in comfort if you have rather small or large hands.
I prefer a 24" because it feels like home, even after starting out on a 25.5" strat I played for years.

I even play a (!)23" scale Mustang copy with my metal band | it’s FAST! :smiley:

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Take a serious look at a G&L Tribute series Fallout.

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One thing to keep in mind: even guitars of the same model will vary in weight, sometimes by a surprising amount. So it’s not as simple as saying “try this model or that model.”

Having said that, try a Fender Mustang. :slight_smile:

If you’re buying online, try to find a site that lists the weights of the guitars. Sweetwater does that for many of its listings, but I think they’re only in the U.S.

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You are a strong man with no back problems I think…the first four mustangs were 3.2 kg or more :grimacing:

Hi, I saw 4, one of 7.0 and 3 of 7.2 LBS
… I hope that some lighter models will pass by that people have experience with … I am asking this for a friend of course :roll_eyes:


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Every individual guitar can vary in weight. Les Pauls are the ones I often see noted with a great weight variation. So I had them weight the guitar I bought last. It’s an Epiphone 339 and it’s much smaller than its bigger brother the 335. Great for singer/songwriter stuff, and across most genres. But it’s a semi hollow (which is why it’s lighter) and subject to feedback if it’s near my speaker. It’s 7.2 pounds if I remember right. I almost got a Fender Thinline but this was in the shop used and waiting for me. I have a feeling PRS has a very light model but I can’t remember. I don’t know how much this weighs, but this Mogabi is intriguing. I really haven’t watched the whole video. Despite the obnoxiously clickbait title, Fil is the real thing and he actually never pitches anything.

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It seems that for an E-guitar 2.6 kg is on the very light side. What has not been mentioned yet, is the epiphone casino coupe, which is a full hollow body guitar, and the fender telecaster thin line which also is a hollow body. Not really electrics, the fender acoustasonics are also pleasantly light

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tbh this kind of post is near useless without knowing where in the world you are, what kinda local shops there are, what the budget is etc.

Hi Rob,
It was Justin himself who later said that nowadays it is quite doable to buy a guitar online due to improved quality and return conditions,otherwise I wouldn’t have dared,and if you have the choice definitely go to the store,but I have bought 3 guitars from 2 different stores and I am 100% satisfied with them.But sorting out and buying in the store would be more than 80% more fun for me, but all the models I wanted to see and the 3 I have were not for sale nearby and corona and back problems didn’t help either…

PS; I know more lighter solid body electric guitars (even than the Q54) but knowing a budget would be useful…


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I’m sure it is but going to a shop and trying a few even if they are only somewhat close to an online only choice when you have some specific criteria can be handy

I think we could all suggest a range of guitars but some are not going to be worth shipping across the planet etc even so

that was a very interesting guitar! thanks for sharing that link!

The Epiphone Casino Coupe is small and completely hollow so it’s also very light. It’s only about $500 in the U.S.

OK this for $2250

EG-1 - $1500

Fender acoustasonic - $1899 (or duo sonic)

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Thank you

Hi Tom,

I have an Ibanez SEW761CW (the darker version). It is super light at 5.3 pounds (about 2.4KG) due to being very thin. It is HSS strat-style, but not as bright sounding as most strat style guitars. It is my go-to guitar for blues. The neck is thinner than most, so for smaller hands, it may be comfortable. I find it a tad cramped for some things, but I am also 6’3" (190.5cm) and have typical hands for that height. It is very comfortable with a strap. I very much enjoy playing it.

The fretwork was average, needing a little filing to take off sharp edges in my dry climate. I prefer to use size 10 strings, but have tried 9 and think they sound as good. It is easy to scuff the wood plugging it in, but can be reasonably cleaned up with a little rubbing using the last of the fretboard oil on the cloth after doing maintenance.

There are a few links on Youtube. I didn’t find the one I was hoping to link below, so i suggest you search a bit if this looks interesting.



A really good, lightweight guitar with a great tone would be a Telecaster. Teles, Esquires and the T body shape in general are well-known to be light guitars, usually weighing around 7lbs per guitar. These have been used in genres from 60s/70s rock to its famous status as a country guitar to even being used in metal by some guitarists like John 5 of Motley Crue or Jim Root of Slipknot. I’m currently at the goal of getting one myself to see if the guitar I grew up on is actually good. For a beginner, the Squier Classic Vibe 50s Telecaster would be an excellent choice. I’ve even heard that it’s possibly better than what Fender makes under their name.

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I suppose any Ibanez S series would tick the box as far as weight goes.

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Thank you!