Lisa's first AVOYPs - June 2023 (Anchorage, Good Riddance, WYWH)

Sorry for dusting up this ancient topic, but I just received a copyright strike for Anchorage, so removed the link in the first post and just wanted to share this with the community. It feels a little odd, I must admit.

So for the few folks who wanna give it a try: beware when covering some of Michelle Shocked’s content, it’ll probably be taken down by her.

2 Strikes left, I’d better make the next covers quite bad. :rofl:

Are you sure it’s a “strike” Lisa? I’ve got loads of copyright “content ID claims” on videos of me playing songs, and on videos I’ve taken at gigs

and I’ve even had a video I took at a live gig blocked for copyright infringement,

but none of these count as a strike in the sense of threatening my channel (such as it is), they just mean if I suddenly get thousands of followers (like that’s ever going to happen) then I won’t be able to monetise the videos concerned.

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After consulting my friend google I feel privileged to have got to watch you perform that song and good call on warning others in the community


Cheers for the bump, Lisa. I missed this at the time :open_mouth:
Sorry I missed Anchorage and that you received a ‘strike’. I wear my one as a badge of honour :laughing:
On the bright side, I got to take in the Green Day tune.
Both really well performed. You’ve got a nice voice too. I enjoyed the way you didn’t slavishly stick to all the exact melody lines of the original. Worked well.
I love the Two lost souls swimming in the goldfish bowl line, even if it always reminds me of this :laughing:

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Sorry for being a little MIA, we had to move “spontaneously”. :roll_eyes: :rofl:


Hi Ian,

yes it was a true strike. The others as you display I have as well, but this was a true strike. Had to take the YouTube-Copyright-Course and now wait 85 more days for my clean sheet. :smiley:

I thought of sharing a screenshot of the strike, but everything is in German, so might not add much value here.


Hi James,

your friend google seems to know a lot. :wink: Thanks for your kind words and sharing the story/thoughts behind my strike. If I had known, I wouldn’t have changed it from unlisted to public. Well, too late. :sweat_smile:


Hi Brian,

hah, everything bad has something good in it! :smiley:

I also feel kind of honoured to be striked. But unfortunately, I will never know if she at least liked it a little? :thinking:

Thanks for listening and the kind feedback on the two remainders. Highly appreciated and regards the fish-line: I will never think of anything else again while singing. :rofl:

Hi Lisa.
I missed all this because I wasn’t here in June.
Glad this came back to the top so I could get hip.

Very well done. I enjoyed both of them songs.
Bummer I missed the third one due to the copyright thing. Darn, I’m a day late and a dollar short. Listening to the two that are still up, I missed out it would seem.

That’s a real hip 12 string ya got there.
My main guitar for decades was a 12 string, albeit a Alverez and not a Martin. Your really making that Martin sound great.
Very well done and very nice tunes.
And your sing real good too. :wink:

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Hi Jim,

thanks a lot for checking in and taking your time to listen and providing such a nice, encouraging feedback. Very much appreciated! :smiley:

Nice stuff! I really love the sound of 12-strings. Only, I don’t get used to use it for every day practice. I’m using it mostly for songs where I think, it fits. I deffo should experiment a little more to do her justice. :smiley:

It’s surprising what’s on here that you don’t get to hear until an update, or edit or even a new post. I’ve just the enjoyment of the original posts.

Lovely to hear you.


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Thanks a lot for your kind words, Rachel. Glad you liked it! :smiley:

Sometimes it’s good that someone wipes away the dust on some topics. :wink:

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