Lithium by Nirvana Lesson

Learn to play Lithium by Nirvana on JustinGuitar!

View the full lesson at Lithium by Nirvana | JustinGuitar

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I am unable to see this. Says “this video is private”, even when I am logged in.

Works ok for me Joshua

Now it works. Weird.

I got really excited when I saw this lesson appear and have spent the evening trying to learn along to it. First time trying power chords and wow, my wrist feels sore!

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Its a grade 4 song but worth the effort!

Im confused by the tuning note.

It says to downtune a tone, but ADAGAC doesn’t match that.

Is what’s in the blurb correct, or should it be DGCFAD?

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Welcome to the forum Jamie
Yes you are correct the tuning notes are wrong they should be D G C F A D
@Richard_close2u can you fix the tuning misprint.

Also, the images for the Chord Grips are broken, with their links pointing to images/pages/chords/chord-diagrams/null in the server.

They’ll bed in quickly when you get there @ZedExDM , great fun ahead for you.

As for this lesson, super excited to see it appear so it’s another on the list now!! Not tried it as yet but might have a play around tonight :slight_smile:

Hello @jbats3108 and welcome to the comunity.
Thanks for the alert (and thanks @stitch too).
I gave edited the web page so the tuning now reads as:



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Why is there a very detailed chord diagram for the yeah yeah part but the tab is missing to learn it? There is only a very simplified tab given.