LizW - March 2022 - Otis Redding, Ed Sheeran, Foo Fighters

Ok so why do I always have a pained expression? :rofl: No Ziggy this time, just me, my dodgy B7 chord and stay tuned for a whistling debut for your amusement. Not perfect of course and blimey I look awful when I whistle so I’m not doing that again!!
Otis Redding - Dock Of The Bay

Ed Sheeran - Lego House

Foo Fighters - Best Of You


You’re knocking them out at the minute Liz! another accomplished performance and sounded very good. You came across as relaxed and comfortable with this one. Difficult to provide any critique as I couldnt see the guitar…maybe tilt or slide the camera slightly back.

So, you quickly throw them out, as if it is accepted work… Nice to be able to sing like this :sunglasses:, the green little monster is almost coming up in me :roll_eyes:… give the rhythm guitar a few more weeks, and you can climb a podium…

Yeah I know I don’t have a good set up to record it’s just an iPhone on my music stand.

Hi, sorry it must seem like I’m learning these things super fast. I’ve been learning for a few months and only on here a few days so these are songs I’ve had knocking around a while, this one was tricky I have been doing it a good few weeks, there are a lot of hours in this and it’s hardly perfect! Plus 25 years of singing.

I missed the looking pained and awful part, Liz. Your playing is coming along and your singing is fabulous!

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:sweat_smile:…that makes a difference then… ,
nice to have such a good singing instrument with you,
saves another 1 seat for a band member in the car for later :sunglasses:

Ha, shame I can’t even drive :cry: :woman_facepalming:

Yeah, will have to think of a way to do that, phone is on the music stand but I kind of need to see the music too as I’m terrible at remembering the words :laughing:

Hi Liz,
I enjoyed your performance. You have a good voice for this song.
Maybe a ‘remark’, I think you know all the chords by heart, but I see also that you look at your fretting fingers each time you change chords. Sometimes however, you are not looking at these fingers, and that is much nicer. Try to avoid to look at what your fretting hand is doing … (and it’s something I’m currently also working on :relaxed:)
Good job!

Another great performance, really great singing and your playing was decent.
Your guitar came through a bit loud but given your recording method it wasn’t at all bad. The important thing is that you are posting songs and we can see and remark on your progress and performance.
Keep them coming! :+1:

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Thanks. Yes, I think I was looking for that dreaded B7 as one of my fingers still insists it wants to go somewhere else! I am working on not looking too, most of the time I probably don’t actually need to and it’s probably a habit. I’m with you on that one :slightly_smiling_face:

I like that a lot, Liz. Otis came up with a great performance and I reckon you evoke the spirit of it very well. Keep working on the whistling! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (says he who can’t whistle for toffee).

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I have a feeling you may have witnessed my retirement from the whistling world :joy:

Good stuff Liz. A great song I haven’t heard for a while.
You could perhaps try to emphasise the pushed chord change at the end of the first bar. That would give the song the ‘Otis’ vibe
Well sung and played.

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Another good marker stone laid there Liz.
It is obvious that you have put in some hours to get so much good going on and you also know it is a developer to work over time as your skills develop.
I made the mistake of trying to whistle what would have been a harmonica solo in Harvest Moon when I did a turn at Open Mic 5. Performance nerves causedva dry mouth and not much actual whistle to come out!

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Another belter Liz sounded pretty good to me. Have you a stack of these lined up ready to go ?
Excellent vocals. 25 years of singing ? I must ask where you’ve been singing ?
Next !

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Ooh singing, well in the late 90s I sang in an electro pop duo (no guitars :scream:) and though I’m still technically in it we haven’t gigged for years. For the last ten years I’ve been singing in choirs (I sing tenor and am the assistant conductor) and I get quite a few solos too. Mind you as the only tenor I’m singing solo most of the time :joy:.


I feel I should mention that I have been trying to sing and play the piano for years and find it can be really hard so I have quite a bit of experience of trying to do lots of thing at once :slightly_smiling_face:. It’s not been so bad with guitar but the years of trying with piano probably help a lot!

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Thanks for all the details of your band, choir, and piano experience, Liz.

We often talk here in the Community about how pointless and even bad for one it is to make comparisons. But it is hard not to be wishful when enjoying others play and sing. And your story is a reminder that when we see somebody doing well, there is much learning and practice that has come before.

Keep doing what you’re doing and I look forward to more as you progress.

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