Local browser app for generating strumming patterns beyond 8th notes

Inspired by @LamphunLamyai and their wonderful Python script over here, I decided to whip up a basic HTML / JavaScript page that anyone can run via browser from their computer.

You can find it on GitHub.

I didn’t spend any time making it pretty, but you can generate rhythms with up to 8 notes per beat (i.e. 32nd notes), 9 beats per bar, and up to 5 bars if you want a rhythm that spans more than the usual 1 bar.

You can also choose any number of notes to skip. For now, the first note of the first beat of each bar will not be skipped, but I’ll add an option to allow that down the line.

Also also, you can click to copy the generated rhythm so you can paste it into a text editor and save it for later.

Here’s a picture to give you an idea of its capabilities:

And here’s a more typical scenario:

Hope some of you find this useful / fun.


before I try to decipher all this, does it work on ipad/iphone where most of us practice from? I have not owned a PC since before WWII. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

I’m not really sure, to be honest, since I try not to use my phone for anything.

An iPad would surely work since it should support downloading files to a folder and opening them from there.

This isn’t a proper app like you’d download from an app store or anything, it’s just an .html file that should open automatically in your browser if you run it.

Oh, one other thing - on GitHub it only offers you the option to download the entire project as a zip file, so you’ll need to be able to unzip it as well, or you can download the 3 files in the public_html directory one by one.

I’m consolidating everything into just the one .html file so it will be easy to download and run without messing with zip files, folders, etc.

EDIT: All done. This one file now has everything you need, as long as you can download it and have a browser, it should work for you.


I just get a bunch of gibberish when I click on “this one file”

Right, you need to download it (the 2nd icon to the right of “Raw” in the upper right) to a device that has a web browser, such as an iPad, and then open the file with the browser on that device.

It will work just like a web page but the file is local to your computer.

Should look like this - specifically, note the URL is file:///C:/Users/.... (mine is on my desktop - yours will probably end up in your /Downloads folder):


Dude, you rock. I’ll give this a spin today.


Thank you! This looks really fun and helpful. I will see if I can get it to work on my android tablet in a day or two.

I found a quick random cord progression generator. The combo could be quite a challenge!


Made a couple small changes:

  • Renamed the file to rhythm_gen.html so you don’t have to.

  • Click above any beat (e.g. 1, +, etc.) to toggle between D, U, and empty to create your own rhythms or modify a generated one.

You may find zooming in helpful for that last one, as it can be tricky to click the right spot at the default zoom level.