Strumming Machine - suggestions, bug reports, user experience feedback etc

Know what would be really cool?

A Strumming Machine that has 16th notes. :+1: :clap: :guitar:

Given the code for the 8th note Strumming Machine is already written, it should be a rather simple modification to the code.

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Hi everyone! We actively started working on an update for this tool, and we’ll let you know when the new version is live. It’ll correct many of the issues mentioned here. Cheers, and thank you for your support and patience. :slight_smile: Cheers.


Hi Daniel,
There also is a specific topic about strumming machine improvements. Adding 16th notes has been suggested by others, too. And as a most recent update, just yesterday Laryne has confirmed work on updating this tool has been started.

Maybe one of the mods could merge this posting into above topic?
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Done :slight_smile:


Whoo Hoo!

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Laryne @larynejg
Not sure if it has been mentioned but a built in timer would be useful and would save having to juggle my iPhone with my iPad.

This has already been suggested, but I’ll toss my vote in as well.
One “chord selection” that is a fret mute. Which will match Justin’s strumming course Grade 1 where no chord is played other than fret-muted strings. :+1: :guitar:

I’d be willing to pay for a new and improved web app with 16th strumming patterns.

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Could we have presets along the tempo slide bar starting at 70bpm every 10bpm up to 130? So if you clicked 80bpom it would be set without having to use the + or -.

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Another suggestion.

Could we have the option to play two bars with different patterns. For example Old Faithful for the first bar and then all eights for the second, which the repeat.


Love the Strumming machine program under the resources tab.
But, is it possible to introduce different time signatures? I’d really like to practice my 16th strumming over two measures.

100% agreed.

If you have a web browser and can download an .html file, you might find this useful to tide you over until Justin and team find time to update theirs - it lacks that professional polish, but it can generate a wide variety of rhythm patterns:

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Hi Greg,

This is good feedback and it has been suggested already

The good news is that Justin’s team has started actively working on an update for the strumming machine tool, and they will let us know when the new version is live.

Last, but not least, welcome to the forum @gdiddy

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Thank you for your fast reply!

Thank you so much!

Came accross this tool by accident. My .initial thoughts are it is a great idea but unfortunately does not deliver. It only takes a few bars before realising the vocal count isn’t in synch. I found the metronome sounds terrible with extra sounds going on and found the delay on the chord a bit irritating.

Do you mean it’s out of temp or out of synch with the visuals? I use it with my bone conducting headphones just with the vocal count set low (so it’s in the background) and don’t watch the visuals.

Set on a basic one strum per bar the vocal count progressively gets earlier and earlier. Within a minute the “One” is being called on beat four, and by 90 seconds it is being called on beat three. This is with strum sound, vocal count and metronome all on.

the strumming machine would even more benefit when an adjustable or preset timer is added, no?
And even later on the possibility to have an adjustable chord choice during the set interval.

marc de win

At 60 BPM, with only the voice count on, beat 4 sounds rushed to me. Four is a hard word to say in time because of the F sound, but, can this be improved?

The voiced “4” is a 64th early.