Looking for Practice buddy

Hi! I’m from Ontario Canada. Would love to practice/jam in person or over zoom (etc) . Mid fifties lady been learning for approximately 2 years


Ontario is huge. You probably should be more specific.

Practicing with someone else over Zoom is problematic due to lag time. You could alternate playing (one playing while the other watches), but you can’t play together. You hear the other person slightly after they play.

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I happen to be a member of Joe Robinson’s Invisible Technique community.
We have zoom sessions twice a week, it’s usually 5 to 10 participants, of all levels. And I believe it’s really valuable to everybody’s progress.
Maybe, you could have such meetups with this forum members?
I would join too.


I did not know that about the zoom lag. Good to know! And I’ll update my location Thanks!

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I did not know about the zoom lag. Good to know and I’ll update my location thanks!

I’ll mention it’s not just Zoom, but Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and pretty much all other conferencing services all suffer from the same issue.

You’ll typically get a latency (delay) of at least 250ms (1/4 second) which is usually not noticeable for discussion (except when people don’t mute their mics and you get echo, or when people start to talk over each other by accident).

For real-time music collaboration you really need less than 30ms, and even that is quite high.

There are audio setups that you can use for real-time music collaboration which work quite well over relatively long distances (up to a few hundred miles depending on network conditions). Note that these will require you to take steps on your side to minimise local latency, and to prevent echo.

The one I have used the most is Jamulus, which is free.

There are some commercial services around which may be slightly easier to use, but aren’t going to give better latency, regardless of what their marketing seems to claim.




I wouldn’t be so discouraging.

Even with lag, zoom practice buddies could be fun. You just can’t actually play or jam together at the same time.

However, the support and discussion, as well as practicing in front of someone could be helpful.

It would add some accountability into practice and it is always fun to share experiences.

So it really depends on the goals. If the goal is “jam buddy” it will be hard to do remotely.

If the goal is sharing practice support, it would work fine knowing the limitations.

My family doesn’t really want to hear me practice, so sometimes it is a lonely endeavor.

Sharing experiences. That is why we are in this forum, isn’t it?


Oh yes, and there’s a lot of mileage in this sort of online community. I used to regularly take part in a monthly “hang” for UK-based bass guitar learners where we would share what we were working on, what we struggled with, and generally chit-chat about bass stuff.

I suggested something similar for Justin Guitar learners a while back:

And even briefly tried to set something up local to me at the time.




Yes, I was watching this but from memory it never really happened. I believe there are quite a few in the Asia-Pacific region now. Whilst I’m a beginner I would still find it incredibly useful and interesting to sit in and even just listen to more experienced people’s input and chat.

There didn’t seem to be too much interest at the time, and life got busy for me.

As of two weeks ago, I’m back in the UK.



I guess at least you’re in the right time zone for all the Clubs and OM if you feel inclined.

Timing for most of that on the Singapore time zone is a horror😱

I know. I tried to attend a club when I was in SG, which was 3-4am for me then. But I then got a business meeting come into my calendar for 8am the next day so had to abandon.

I’ve already done two clubs since I’ve been back.



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