Loop and Let Fly

Yeah, I am still noodling away, enjoying myself too much … that playing-practicing balancing act.
At least for this one I plugged in the looper and played the BT. :joy:

Not as bold in terms of lick and technique exercise.

I shall keep my thoughts to myself and limit further comment to the fact that I kept this to a socially acceptable duration.


Good stuff David, you really are improving. Only comment I’ll make is to watch your timing. I felt you were drifting off the bt at times.

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Thanks Gordon. You are quite right. There was one horrific moment of mis-timing and certainly some delayed starts.

Hi David,
Gordon has already said all my words :grin:

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Thanks Roger :grin:

Great stuff David all is going well in noodling department I see. I would stick some longer lasting notes at the end of each section and use some vibrato and perhaps I would try not to fill in every second with a note, let it ring once in a while :wink: other than that no more constructive feedback from me, carry on please :sweat_smile:

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Well a bit later than planned but got here ! And a very enjoyable experience as well. Like the BT and the tone you used for the noodling. All advice offered so far is in line with my thoughts so no need to add further. But you are continuing to make progress and becoming more fluid so keep doing what you are doing on the freestyle noodle front. Maybe time to apply what you have been learning to some longer solos, which could introduce some new licks n phrases, I think you have a foundation on which you can start to stretch yourself. Good Vibes sir !!



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David the time and attention you’re giving to this is evident, and that includes time you spend listening to Blues playing in the background as you relax or do chores. It’s all growing you and becoming an expression of your musicality.

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Sounded good DP! You’ve been plinking for a while now, and have a pretty good feel for how you want to express yourself on the instrument. Keep doing your thing, and keep expanding your vocabulary. The learning and exploration never stops.

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@adi_mrok Thanks Adrian. Spot on … being reminded and remembering to mix up the note lengths, take time to breathe and avoid over-playing, and getting my vibrato on will be forever helpful (I’ve even heard Justin call himself out for overplaying in some of his improv demos in some lessons :laughing:)

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Thanks, Toby, good advice and without making excuses, my attention to practice has slipped a bit of late, both lead and acoustic play. I got knocked out of rhythm by by bout of C19 and am struggling to get back into it (work and another more academic study not helping). But some would say ‘stop bleating’ and ‘just do it’. Luckily it is an adventure not an event, so confident that I’ll get back into and am still progressing.

@batwoman Thanks Maggie, appreciate your support and encouragement, especially in this place that is not necessarily your cuppa chai

@CT Thanks Clint, a plinker, a strummer, we all keep on discovering and becoming the player within. Appreciate your mindset and encouragement.


I think the ‘P’ in ‘DavidP’ really stands for ‘Progress’. As Maggie says the time you have spent immersing yourself in listening to the blues and the dedication you have spent on the techniques etc is really paying dividends. Keep on doing what your doing.

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Sounding good David. I’ve noticed that each of your noodle clips sounds different, which to me is a good thing, means you’re trying different things and learning new stuff.

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@Socio Thanks James, P for Progress warms my heart. I surely will continue, the adventure is too much fun to stop.

@jkahn Thanks JK. I think there times when I feel I play the same kind of thing in each one. That said, learning the licks and playing in different positions does help it to keep evolving to a degree.


On this end it sounds like you are showing steady signs of improvement. Cool that you deployed the looper and got it in on the action. It all comes together in this one and is inspiring.

Keep up the good vibe and keep on a rock’n,

Loving your work David!

@LBro Thanks Lbro, slow and steady that’s how we rock 'n roll. The looper, much like the grid in Reaper, is a tough task master on playing in time plus being able to click it on and off.

@Notter That’s very kind, thanks Mark.

Very enjoyable David. Some nice stuff in there and your video title took me to a Wings track, so that’s my earworm for the day. :smiley:

@SgtColon Thanks Stefan, glad you enjoyed it. And you are the first person to pick up the play on the Wings track in a reply.

Nice work David,
I have never been able to conquer the world of lead guitar.
Every time I have set off to try and learn pentatonic etc and scales I find that my finders just won’t do the walking :rofl::joy:.
I have just bought my first looper pedal. It’s a boss RC-1. I am hoping to start learning how to use it for layering down percussion, basic rhythm guitar and then do some finger type over the top in songs that suit.
I reckon I might just use this community for my test run, and to get the wonderful feedback.

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Thanks for the listen and feedback, Ron.

I guess it is like all things guitar … practice, practice, practice and eventually one makes progress. I’ve been dabbling on and off since I became a JG student and community member, and I think I am starting to make some meaningful progress.

Enjoy the looper experiments. It’s another thing that I find tricky to use, more practice. Look forward to your experiments. have a search through AVOYP for some of @Bytron08’s recordings made with his looper. I figure you are wanting to do similar.