Looper amp

I’m hoping someone can help me with this. I am wanting record some chord progressions. Then I would like to play some riffs over the top of that. What hardware would I need to do this? I have a Marshall code 50 and also another fender modeling amp. Would I need a different amp? Also, and maybe this is asking too much but, adding some other sound effects like drums would be great. Any guidance pointing me in the right direction is appreciated.

OK looks like the code 50 can do a fake looper with the delay option but wont be great.

The fender amp may or may not you dont say the model.

You can always add a looper pedal to any amp, its best used on an effects loop if the amp has it

You haven’t said what your budget is. I started with the small ditto looper which is OK for a basic pedal. But I have now upgraded to the Boss RC-5 and I think this a fantastic unit. It is more of a work station than a looper. I use it as a metronome, standalone drum machine, looper with drums and I have loaded up a bunch of backing tracks into memory slots so I can just dial up a key and tempo and hit play. I have the extra external double switch which makes it much easier to use.

I only have a basic amp and have been using that for years. I only just learned about the FX loop thing, but that has never been a concern.

Thanks for the replies. The fender is a super champ 2. I mostly only use the Marshall these days. I will look into getting pedal. I would think about 300.00 U.S. dollars would be in the budget.

The Boss RC-5 above is ~$200 by the looks


Yes, well within budget. Though I would add a dual footswitch. The Boss ones are pricey and quite clunky. I got this NUX one and it works perfectly,


If you do get the RC-5 and have any questions just ask me here.

There was a topic posted yesterday about a software only solution. Might be worth exploring.

Personally, I’d opt for a dedicated looper pedal but in the event you want to go another way or someone else is looking for an integrated solution, the NuX Mighty Space amp is the one you want. It has a looper, it has drums, it comes with a wireless unit for your guitar it sounds good and it’s priced right. It’s also rechargeable and it runs in stereo.


I have to say the Nux looks like a killer small practice amp: all of the useful capabilities, and no fluff or gimmicks.



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I have the headphone amp version of the NuX amp, the Mighty Plug Pro, and it is just amazing! Without even a hint of a contest, it is the single best piece of gear I’ve bought this year.

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For a zero-cost solution I would just plug the amp into your computer’s sound card, go into Audacity and generate a click track. Then record your chords in, trim your recording to exactly the amount of measures you want (that’s why the click track is important!) and set it to play on repeat. You can then play whatever improv you want over the top of that. You can also multitrack with other instruments, drums or other loops as you want. Even record your solo’ing if you want?

I guess it’s only zero-cost if you already have the necessary cable :slight_smile:

Ive bought myself the Boss RC10-R loop/drum pedal. Amazing little gadget ! 280 different drum paterns on it. Gonna post my first video when playing with this little gem :smile:

That was the other option I was looking at before I bought the RC-5. It also looked good, but it was more expensive.